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PostAim, our discount direct mail service

The more you send, the more you save

Want to increase sales without expensive advertising? Try PostAim, our discount direct mail service. You get more from your marketing budget with PostAim - more sales, more savings and more impressive returns on investment.
    PostAim, our discount  direct mail service, is the best way to speak directly to the people you want to reach. It's ideal for addressed mailings that attract new customers, launch new products, fundraise and open doors for  your sales force - anything that markets your business and meets An Post's PostAim requirements.

    How does it work?

    PostAim is available for promotional and marketing campaigns consisting of 2,000 items or more. We can offer you great savings when you prepare your mail to our requirements – and the more you send, the more you save. Your PostAim campaign will be processed and delivered over 13 working days from the date of posting.

    PostAim is perfect for:
  • Keeping in touch with your customers
  • Launching new products
  • Attracting customers to a retail outlet
  • Fundraising
  • Brand building and Public Relations
  • Open doors for your sales force
  • Boosting customer loyalty
  • Reminders or invitations

      Step by Step

      1. Download a PostAim booking form
      2. Submit booking form, signed terms & conditions and a sample of your mailing at least 5 working days prior to posting
      3. Pre-sort your items according to PostAim sorting requirements. Sort It online (new window) is available to assist
      4. Submit your Mailing Schedule at least 24hrs prior to your lodgement date. This is supplied with your campaign booking and must be in Excel format.
      5. PostAim specific mail bags, ties and bag labels must be used. These are available free of charge, call us on 01 705 8489
      6. Lodge your mailing at an An Post designated acceptance office, accompanied by a posting docket
      7. If a mailing is due to arrive on a date that differs for the original one advised to An Post, notify us on 01 705 8489
      8. Your PostAim campaign will be delivered over a 13 working-day period from the date it is posted. Look forward to your responses coming in!

      An Post's presorting requirements
      • For mailings of 2,000 items or more you must be sort to Pre-sort 3 (Pre-sort 151): these should be sorted to Dublin District and Post Town level

      We have designed a handy Pre-sort tool, Sort It online (new window), to provide you with a quick way of checking the sort destination for your mail

      Mailing Dimensions

      No larger than C5 in size (i.e. half the size of an A4 sheet). Also known as POP or Post Office Preferred.
      Min: 140mm (l) x 90mm (w) x 0.18mm (d)
      Max: 235mm (l) x 162mm (w) x 7mm (d)

      Large Envelope
      Items up to C4 in size (i.e. the size of an envelope containing flat A4 sheets). Also knows as a "flat" item
      Min: 140mm (l) x 90mm (w) x 0.18mm (d)
      Max: 400mm (l) x 300mm (w) x 25mm (d)

      Caters for three dimensional items like boxes, tubes and envelopes which exceed the limits of a Large Envelope
      Min: 100mm (l) x 70mm (w) x 25mm (d)
      Max: In tube form the maximum dimensions (the length plus twice the diameter) must not be greater than 1,040mm, with no dimension exceeding 900mm.

      How much?

      Price per item

      Weight 2k-75k 75k-250k 250k-500k >500k
      0-50g Letter / Postcard €0.67 €0.66 €0.65 €0.64
      0-50g Large Envelope €1.24 €1.22 €1.20 €1.20
      0-50g Packet €3.41 €3.41 €3.41 €3.41
      51-100g Letter / Postcard €0.73 €0.72 €0.71 €0.70
      51-100g Large Envelope €1.36 €1.34 €1.32 €1.32
      51-100g Packet


      €3.51 €3.51 €3.51
      101-250g Large Envelope €1.81 €1.79 €1.76 €1.73
      101-250g Packet €4.35 €4.35 €4.35 €4.35
      251-500g Large Envelope €2.19 €2.14 €2.11 €2.11
      251-500g Packet €5.60 €5.60 €5.60 €5.60
      501-1kg Packet €8.20 €8.20 €8.20 €8.20

      *A further half cent or cent discount is available for PostAim mailings including a Business Response Mechanism. The rates outlined above are composite rates which are indicative of the rate which will apply to mail that is geographically representative of a nationwide posting, where there is a geographical bias, an alternative zonal rate will apply.

      Make it easy for your customers to respond and get a discount on your mailing:
      • Include a Prepaid Business Reply or Freepost envelope and receive an extra 1c discount per item, or
      • Include an unpaid reply envelope and receive an extra 0.5c discount per item

      Find out more about our Business Response Services.

      PostAim Checklist

      To enjoy the great value that PostAim offers, you need to make sure that your mailing:

      • Is promotional and unsolicited by the recipient.
      • At least 2,000 items
      • Has a DM Ceadúnas (License No.) on the front of the envelope
      • Has a return address in the front top-left hand corner of the envelope
      • Is correctly sorted to An Post requirements
      • Is correctly bundled
      • Is correctly bagged & labelled
      • Has fully completed labels
      • Submit the Mailing Schedule within 24hrs of lodgement date in Excel format

      The contents of a PostAim mailing must be unsolicited and must be used to encourage purchase of products or services or to form a favourable image of a product/service/sender or to subscribe to a service charity or organisation. Please note that there are categories of mail that are not eligible for PostAim rates and these can be found in the Booking Form below.

      An Post will check your mail once it arrives at the mail centre to confirm it meets PostAim requirements. If it doesn’t, you won’t qualify for PostAim rates; your mailing will be returned to you or you will pay the full standard rate of postage.

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