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Customer Magazine Case Studies

Customer Magazine Case Studies
Brown Thomas: 'All I want for Christmas' Brown Thomas Beauty Magazine and Wishlist
Data Ireland: Insight Matters


Brown Thomas: "All I want for Christmas" Brown Thomas Beauty Magazine and Wishlist

The Brown Thomas Beauty magazine and "All I Want for Christmas" digital competition set out to position Brown Thomas as the ultimate destination for beauty in Ireland. The Brown Thomas Beauty magazine was introduced as a means of communicating exclusive brands and the vast selection of beauty product and gifting ideas available in Brown Thomas during the Christmas period. In addition, with €2,500 worth of beauty products up for grabs, the "All I Want for Christmas" digital competition aimed to engage with web visitors and the Brown Thomas social media base in a fun and exciting way. The strategy included the mailing of the magazine to 5,000 core beauty customers along with digital campaign aimed at increasing the fan base and to drive interactions and engagement. The overall results far exceeded expectations with 38% of the 5,000 mailed purchasing in the Brown Thomas Beauty Hall within the 10 day period. The digital competition saw the Brown Thomas Facebook community grow by over 16,000 fans, over 10,828 entries to the competition and a total of 29,453 engagements.

Data Ireland: Insight Matters

Javelin Direct
Data Ireland are the nation's leading provider of business and consumer data. In a relatively small economy they needed to continuously innovate to stay ahead of their competitive set and maintain and grow revenues. The target was 1,000 Sales and Marketing clients nationwide, of Ireland's top businesses, including Data Ireland existing and prospective clients. The strategy was simple. 

  • Connect with customers and targets more frequently - use as a door opener to secure sales meetings.
  • Start a dialogue about products and services
  • Highlight new products and services
  • Create a light, bright, regular communication to hero Data and make it dynamic and interesting so people will read it.

Insight Matters was created, a brand new magazine style format that was highly personalised throughout in almost every section to the recipient and their company. It was a combination of Direct Mail and newsletter with plenty of calls to action to connect back to Data Ireland. It was bright, newsy and succinct, with base content provided by Data Ireland and brought to life by the agency. Insight Matters has been instrumental in securing sales meetings that have led to substantial new business in 2012. The general feedback is that it is professionally executed, provides excellent insight and great industry-relevant articles.