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Direct Mail and Online Shopping

Direct Mail energises Website sales

According to US research*, Direct Mail and catalogue recipients are more likely to make an online purchase than shoppers who do not receive Direct Mail. Plus, they typically buy more items and spend more money. The number of items ordered online by recipients of Direct Mail is 24% higher than for those who did not receive DM, while for catalogue recipients they order an additional 28% of items. Not only do they order more items they also spend more 13% for DM and 28% for catalogues. 

Clearly, Direct Mail and catalogues are powerful ways to increase online sales. Direct Mail and Catalogues can give you a head start on winning them, even before they log on. Marketers can use mail to get permission to open up an e-mail or begin an online relationship with their customers. Your e-mail message will have a much better chance of getting read by customers who invite you in. And, considering about 62% of the e-mail U.S. consumers receive per week is spam or unsolicited**, getting permission through mail is one of the most effective ways to get your audience to open those e-mails and visit the websites you’ve worked so hard to develop.

Catalogues drive website visits

Research shows catalogues have a tremendous influence upon people’s actions. Over 60% of catalogue recipients* were influenced by a catalogue to visit the Website – with the greatest influence on first-time shoppers. Also catalogues were found to greatly discourage comparison shopping – by more than 10%*.  While catalogues are an effective tool for maintaining your relationship with existing customers, they also provide many advantages for helping to build awareness among new customers and introducing them to your Website.

Catalogues enhance your customers’ online shopping experience

Almost 60% of online shoppers enjoy receiving catalogues*.  57% of online shoppers said that even though they buy online, they still like to have a catalog on hand.  Interestingly 61% of online retail shoppers reported that when they have a catalogue while shopping online, they may see additional items they would like to buy. 84% of catalogue recipients feel it’s easier to shop online with a catalogue in hand.

Direct Mail increases the impact of your online advertising

In UK research, consumers feel that direct mail has an important role to play in clarifying and supporting online advertising. 69% of consumers agree*** that they are more likely to remember something if it is communicated to them by post and online, also 54% are more likely to click on an online advert if they have already received something from the company in the post. A combination of both Direct Mail and Online advertising has the highest probability of producing a sale (60% for both versus 46% for Online alone***) and consumers are more likely to spend more (22%) if they have received a combination of both Direct Mail and Online within the last 4 weeks.



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