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Billing Communications & Promotional Inserts

Most people don't realise that it costs the same to send 20g as it does 50g.

Every time you send a bill or invoice out there's a great opportunity to say a lot more. It makes a lot of sense to use the remaining extra capacity to communicate with your customers - for no extra cost.

What can I use the extra space for?

Marketing Communications

  • Cross-sell or up-sell products
  • Tell customers about upcoming activities (CSR/Sponsorship/News)
  • Tips on how to use a product/service more effectively

Customer Notifications

  • Information your business is required to communicate (e.g. rate changes, safety notices)

Revenue Generation

  • Sell the space to suitable companies who want to talk to your customers

By sending additional communications with customer bills you can:
  1. Use the full capacity of your postal cost band
  2. Turn a fixed postal cost into a potential revenue generator
  3. Reach your customers directly with relevant messages
  4. Give your customers a positive extra with their bill - promotions, discounts, information
  5. Get tangible results and bring your customers back for more.