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Personalised Postage

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Personalised Postage from An Post is the new way for you to customise your direct mailings. Whether it's with your new logo, your latest campaign or even a special offer to prospective and existing customers, it's a new space for you to explore in exciting, creative ways. 

How does it work?

Personalised Postage makes sure your campaign message gets to work from the time you send your mail. When you send a PostAim campaign, you have the freedom to really get creative with your DM Ceadunas. Go from the traditional 'four boxes' to something that really ties your campaign together.

It's really easy to use Personalised Postage:

  1. Design your PostAim direct mailing as normal - and create your own unique Ceadunas
  2. Send your PostAim campaign for approval - as normal. Our Direct Mail team will approve your Personalised Postage at the same time. Feel free to share an idea in advance of this approval if you'd like a guide.
  3. As Personalised Postage is only available with PostAim, you must ensure that you present your PostAim mailing correctly sorted.
  4. Campaign licence fee of just €250

For more details about this direct mail innovation email

Terms and conditions

Personalised Postage gives a Ceadúnas customer the opportunity to use a logo which is specific to them and has been approved by An Post, in place of the standard Ceadúnas.

Should a Ceadúnas customer wish to use the Personalised Postage service the following Additional Conditions to the General Ceadunas Terms and Conditions are applicable:

  1. Personalised Postage shall be used for PostAim mailings only.
  2. Customers must indemnify An Post against any claim by a third party for breach of intellectual property rights arising from the use of any logo.
  3. The logo in use must be withdrawn immediately upon request from An Post for any reason, including but not restricted to the fact that the logo is confusingly similar to that of another customer, or the logo causes processing difficulties for An Post.