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Publicity Post is fast, effective, and easy to use. Follow the easy step by step booking process. Our friendly, expert team is available to help at any stage on 1850 21 16 32.

1. Go to Instant Quote to view our interactive map and choose which of the 270 nationwide delivery areas you want your message to reach. You will then get a quote for your leafleting campaign, depending on the areas selected and the weight of the items. Each individual leaflet or brochure can weigh up to 100g.

2. At Instant Quote, you will be invited to fill out an enquiry form. A member of our expert direct mail team will then contact you to proceed with your booking.

3. If you are happy with your instant quote, you may like to proceed by downloading the Publicity Post booking form (new window, .doc, 170kb).

4. Check that your leaflet or brochure falls within the following dimensions:

  • Minimum Size: 100mm x 70mm
  • Maximum Size: A5 (240mm x 162mm)
  • Maximum Thickness: 10mm

You can fold larger items as long as they’re delivered to An Post within these sizes.

5. Return your completed Publicity Post booking form (new window, .doc, 170kb), signed terms and conditions  and a sample of your leaflet to An Post, and we’ll take over from there.

If you have any questions, please call our expert team at 1850 21 16 32, they will be delighted to help manage your booking.

Packing Information

To facilitate efficient delivery of your leaflets, An Post has specific packing requirements, which all customers are asked to follow. The An Post team will explain these requirements when you make your booking.

1. Pack leaflets/brochures into boxes of maximum weight 10kg. Leaflets should be secured in bundles of a hundred. The total number per box will depend on the weight of your leaflet - so if an individual leaflet weighs 10g or less, you will have 10 bundles (of 100 leaflets) to a box; if your leaflets weigh 20g, you will have five bundles to the box etc.

2.  An Post will supply Publicity Post labels along with a confirmation letter detailing your packing and delivery instructions. An Post cannot accept items that do not have these labels clearly displayed on the outer side of the boxes.

 3. Postage Pre-Paid marking and Return Addresses are prohibited on your leaflet design. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver any item that implies or shows that postage has been paid for the delivered item.