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Four Opportunities for Reaching Gen Y

Are you targeting the 18-25 year old market? Are you exploring channels to determine which is the most effective at reaching this elusive audience? Recent research (February 2011) commissioned by An Post with Amárach Research gives an insight into this market, and also provides four opportunities for your brand that might seem counter-intuitive at first. Read on.

Highlights from the research:

1. Frequency of Exposure to Direct Channels

Leaflets through the door is the most popular form of direct mail used to target 18-25 year olds in Ireland as almost half (48%) receive this type of mail more than once a week and only 3% of 18-25 year olds have never received this type of mail.  18-25 year olds are exposed to a higher intensity of adverts on social networks versus other digital advertising messages - mainly driven by females.  Email is the second most popular form of communicating with this cohort and is most frequently received by males.

Opportunity: Addressed Mail and Bill Inserts are an underutilised channel, giving your brand the opportunity to not only cut-through, but also to engage and make an impression on this market.


2. Attitudes towards the mail

The majority of young people enjoy receiving post (74%), with 61% saying they get excited when they go to open or check their mail. 55% say they would prefer to continue to receive direct mail than not to receive any direct mail at all and a similar number (54%) say they’re disappointed when there is no mail for them.

Opportunity: 18-25 year olds actually enjoy mail. This is counter-intuitive as they are a heavily digitally connected generation, but the tangible, personal and perhaps novel nature of post makes a big impression.

3. Loyalty

The majority of young people (74%) are members of a loyalty programme, and of these, three-quarters (75%) prefer to receive vouchers or club loyalty rewards in the post. Post is the most preferred method of receiving vouchers/rewards as almost 7 in 10 claim they would be more likely to use these rewards when received through the post vs other channels (text, online and email).

Opportunity: If you are looking to build loyalty, improve retention or reduce churn, incentives like vouchers and rewards are best delivered via mail to ensure your loyalty programme meets its objectives.

4. Online Shopping & Catalogues

Just 1 in 10 18-25 year olds have not ordered items online for delivery from Ireland or abroad. When online shopping, catalogues remain popular amongst 18-25 year olds in Ireland as 3 in 5 feel that having a catalogue to hand helps them choose what they want to buy online, a similar number (56%) think that Internet Shopping is easier when they have a catalogue to hand.

Opportunity: If driving 18-25 year olds online to purchase is an important part of your strategy, a simple hard-copy catalogue will improve the purchasing experience for your customer, and indeed, encourage them to purchase additional items, improving your revenue intake.

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