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DM Continuous Improvement

DM Continuous Improvement

72% of Irish people enjoy the routine of receiving post (a), this enjoyment is a powerful
tool when it comes to channel ‘stand-out’.

Not only do consumers enjoy the routine, they also enjoy what they receive - over half
(52%) of Irish consumers also enjoy receiving direct mail in the post, especially if it’s
addressed to them (69% vs. 35% when unaddressed) (a).

Regarding relevance; (75% say addressed direct mail is the most relevant form of
advertising to them) (b) consumers will always feel more engaged when a brand
appeals to many senses, that’s why, despite age, over half (57%) (b) will be more likely
to open mail if its design is impactful.

There is no better way to determine impact than to test it. Direct mail is the ideal channel
to test. With the right segmentation and call to action making it measurable and traceable,
you have the tools to test and learn; be it copy, design, product, relevance, market segment
or envelope colour. The objective is to see if it makes a difference in getting the consumer to
open it. Direct mail has the ability not only to convert leads into sales, spread information or
increase loyalty among existing customers, it also allows in depth analysis into behavioural and
response patterns.

In fact, when looking to create a bump in responses, colour is the simplest test to conduct.
Keep everything else about the mailing the same, for example; test white against a colour that
reflects your brand. Research shows that colour increases brand identity and recognition in 80%
of cases. (c) People see colour before they absorb anything else.
These simple tests will ensure sustainable, continuous improvement in terms of response
rates, in turn ensuring optimum return on investment.

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(b) An Post Corporate Image Tracker April-June 2014 prepared for An Post by Millward Brown
(c) University of Loyola, Maryland, study 2007