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Irish Consumer Behaviour Insights


Three times a year we listen to over 600 Irish consumers

We discuss how consumers interact with direct mail and how it influences their purchasing behaviours. Once a year we also carry out in-depth consumer attitudinal research on multiple media channels, see what they had to say.

Direct Mail Attitudinal Research

As part of our in-depth Direct Mail Attitudinal Research we look at:

  • How consumers feel about direct mail
  • Consumer attitudes to different advertising media
  • How impactful different advertising media is on consumers

This research is conducted by Amárach on behalf of An Post in Q3 2009. Read the full report here.

Specific Market Segments:

18-25 year olds

A topline summary of research undertaken in February 2011, analysing how this difficult to reach market can be found, counter-intuitively, by direct mail and catalogues. Read the report here.

Research Definitions for Direct Mail
  • Addressed Direct Mail: This is advertising or relationship management material that is the main content of a mailing to a specific person and postal address
  • Unaddressed Direct Mail: This is advertising material that is sent through the post to an unnamed person, no postal address is displayed on the piece. Also known as Door Drops
  • Transactional Direct Mail: This is advertising material that is included as additional content usually included with statements or bills. Also known as Billing communications.