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Get the inside track on what’s happening in the Irish communications industry.

Marketers tell us their views - research results

As part of our ongoing Direct Mail Business research with Amárach we ask Irish marketers with budgetary responsibilities to comment on how business is doing. We ask questions about their marketing objectives, their media budgets and Direct Mail usage. Click here to read more.

5 key facts to support your business case

  • Direct Mail hits the spot: 73% of direct mail received is considered relevant - up 13% since 2006.
  • Direct Mail makes people 'do': 41% (+7%) of consumers will go online to find out more on receipt of a piece of direct mail advertising a relevant product or service. 
  • Direct Mail and online together deliver results: 75% of Irish households perfer to have a physical copy of a catalogue to hand rather than viewing it online. About half will see more things to buy (49%).
  • Direct Mail increases loyalty: 32% of Irish consumers say that direct mail increases loyalty, compared to 22% for email.
  • Cost are coming down. Value is increasing: Technology has driven down the cost of digital and personalised print by 30-40% in the past 5 years. 

Source: Amarach Research 2009-2011 & Ipsos MRBI research 2011 for An Post.


Business insights at a glance


Budgets are moving below the line.

There has been 5% increase in below-the-line spend since Feb 2011 - now at 34% of budget.


There is some optimism in business sectors with more reporting improvements than those reporting that business is getting worse

32% of business state that business is getting better, 27% said it was getting worse.

The B2B sector is seeing stronger improvements in business with 37% saying it is getting better, compared with 24% in the B2C sectors.



Marketers are making the most of what they have, their customers and products. We asked Irish marketing managers to rank their priorities this year in order of importance. Here are their Top 3:
To sell existing products and services to new customers: 60%

  1. To increase loyalty among existing customers: 55%

  2. To sell new products and services to existing customers: 49%


Sometimes it's just easier to ask.

If you have a burning question and want to find out more about any of the above topics, or indeed have a topic that we have not covered, let us know.  Submit research request

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