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Why Direct Mail

Benefits of direct mail

In a fast moving world, post is a constant in our lives, with a massive 72% of people putting time aside to read it every day.  And as the only medium that puts your message directly into the hands of your target audience, it’s not surprising more marketers are choosing direct mail all the time.  Here are just some of the reasons more.

Acquire new customers with direct mail.

Finding new customers can be a difficult and expensive business, but an important one too.  Direct Mail is a cost effective tool to open the door to prospects and open up a conversation as well. Don’t know where to start? Check out these four easy steps.

Retain customers with direct mail

While you’re busy out there finding new customers, it can be easy to neglect your existing ones. Just because they’re not complaining you might assume things are fine. Until they leave. The good news is that retaining the customers you already have is not only easier than finding new ones, it’s cheaper too. And with Direct Mail it’s as simple as 1,2, more.

Drive traffic to your website with direct mail

Recent studies show that 18-34 year olds are one of the most responsive audiences to Direct Mail with 63% of them considering receiving it “a pleasure”. As an audience often ignored by marketers when it comes to Direct Mail, this spells a big opportunity for smart brands to tap into. Whatever stage in life your audience is at, Direct Mail is an excellent tool to bring them to your website. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider on your online more.

Direct mail makes other media work harder

Campaign integration is so much more than using the same creative across all your media. Successful integration means really walking in the shoes of your customer, thinking about where they are and what frame of mind they’ll be in when they’re exposed to your message. And what combination of media will make them most likely to act on it.  Every marketing medium has its strengths and we’ve summarised these to help you choose the combination that’s right for you... read more.

Beat the downturn with direct mail

Smart marketers know that at a time when you have to fight for every consumer euro it’s not the time to cut back your marketing spend. Smarter ones know that when every marketing euro needs to count you need to choose a hard working medium that delivers tangible, measurable results. So why exactly does Direct Mail spend increase during tougher economic times? Read more.