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Wednesday, 21 February 2018
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Frank Van Kuik

Age: 27

Nationality: Belgian

Previous teams:

Sweet Paradise

Career/race highlights

1st in Se Elappe Tour of Limburg
1st in Gent-ieper
1st in Klein Branbast Classic

More about Frank van Kuik


  • What are your hobbies interests outside of cycling? 

    Internet, Movies, music

  • If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you might be?

    No idea

  • Do you have any Idols in cycling and if so why?

    Not really

  • Any other idol or influence outside of cycling?


  • How did you become involved in cycling?

    All my family had been involved

  • How did you become part of the An Post Sean Kelly team?

    Manager contacted me

  • What is your training regime like over the winter?

    Slowly building up with cyclecross and then cycling itself

  • What are your strengths as a rider?

    All round

  • What area or areas of your cycling would you like to improve?

    Climbing and sprinting

  • What are your ambitions for 2008 and beyond?

    Making the very best of it!

  • What are your impressions of the team; your team-mates?

    Very good and a lot of fun

  • Has Sean Kelly's input and influence been a great help?

    Yes, very much so