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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Darijus Dzervus

Date of Birth: 20/07/90

Nationality: Lithuanian

Previous teams:

  • NHT
  • Aliplast

When did you join the team?

Career/race highlights:

  • 1st place, Lithuania Junior open 2008.
  • Lithuania elite team sprint, 1st place.

What do you like about cycling?

Everything, but above all the taste of victory.

What are your hobbies interests outside of cycling?

I like to read history books and I’m really interested in architecture and technology.

If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you might be?


Do you have any Idols in cycling and if so why? Do you have any idols outside of cycling?

Fabian Cancellara

Where is the hardest climb you have ever done in cycling and why was it hard?

I can’t remember the name of the climb but it was in spain. It was difficult as it was really long and very steep.

Where was the hardest race you have ever taken part in and why was it so hard?

The Ukraine, as it was a really tough stage.

Where is the most enjoyable place to cycle?

Spain and Belgium

If you had one goal for this season what would it be?

The European championships

Where is the place you hate to cycle most and why?

I hate to ride in the Ukraine because of the poor road quality.

What is the worst injury you have ever had?

I fell in the European track championship in 2008. I had deep cuts and bruises all over my body which took ages to heal.

What is your greatest quality as a cyclist?

My sprint and my climb

Who do you think is the greatest cyclist ever to have lived?

Eddy Merckx