Collection And Delivery FAQs

Mail Collection and Delivery Changes FAQs.

Below you will find a number of Frequently Asked Questions relating to these changes Should you have any further questions, please call us on 01 705 7600.

Why is An Post making these changes?
We are changing the way that we deliver and collect mail to make the postal service that we provide to you more efficient.  These changes are necessary so that we can continue to offer services that are amongst the most competitive in Europe.

Why are these changes required now?
The postal business has changed much over the past number of years.  An Post now delivers over 3 million items of mail every working day.  Most of the delivery routes previously used by our postal operatives were designed before many of the building developments of recent years.  Delivery changes, and others, are now required to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the services that we provide to our customers.

Are these changes permanent?
Yes, however the changes being introduced now will be subject to periodic review to ensure that An Post continues to operate efficiently in providing mail services to our customers.

Why has my mail delivery time changed?
In making our service more efficient, we have used the latest logistical planning technology to optimise our delivery routes.  Depending on where your address falls on these newly designed routes, your mail may arrive at a different time.  Some customers may receive mail later while others may receive their mail earlier.

Why does the time of my mail delivery sometimes alternate?
In order to cater for seasonal changes in mail volumes, holiday leave, and other issues, the time at which you receive your mail may alternate periodically.

I am not happy with the new delivery times. Can I have my previous delivery time restored?
This is not possible.  The changes that have been introduced are permanent and were introduced to make the service more cost-effective.  A return to the previous arrangements would significantly reduce the efficiency of mail deliveries and collections.

Can I collect my mail at the local Delivery Services Unit?
Yes, there is a service which allows users to collect their mail from the local Delivery Services Unit.  This service – named the Caller Service - allows customers to collect their mail early from the Delivery Services Unit at a cost of €280 per annum. To avail of this service simply complete the application form and return it with the licence fee.

Why are these changes in effect in certain postal districts only?
This project is being rolled-out on a phased basis.  In time, most of the service differences that exist between postal districts will be eliminated.

How can I find out more about the changes?
Call 01 705 7600 between 9.00am and 5.30pm.  Alternatively, you can email us at