Keeping you informed

We pledge to take a proactive approach in providing information that is clear, timely and accurate.

We will provide information on our policies, schemes and services that is clear, timely and accurate.

We will ensure that key information is available as comprehensively as practical and we will endeavour to make it available in different formats which, according with the equality legislation, meet the requirements of customers with special needs.

We will use clear, simple language in the design of our application forms and information leaflets.

We will produce comprehensive explanatory material/guidelines on our services, as appropriate, and we will continue the drive for simplification of rules, regulations, forms, information leaflets and procedures.

We will ensure that the potential offered by information technology is availed of fully. Our main website will be up-to-date, relevant, user friendly and accessible to all our customers, including those with visual disabilities.

We will ensure that, in the event of any disruption to service, customers are kept fully and regularly updated.


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Every Irish address accurate to one metre