Quality of service

We pledge to provide all customers with quality services at all times.

Our commitment to quality customer service applies to every single thing we do, whether it is the way in which we deliver every one of 2.5 million mail items every day or the way we handle over 100 million individual Post Office transactions every year.

We will strive to deliver services that are easily accessible, high quality and meet your needs.

We will provide posting and retail facilities that are easily accessible to the community. We will collect and despatch mail from all posting facilities and provide letter deliveries to each local address every working day.

Our postal services will be competitively priced, secure, reliable and will include a range of choices for domestic, UK, European and International destinations.

We will report on our achievements in our Annual Report against specific performance objectives. These include a target of 94 per cent next day delivery of domestic mail.

We will deliver quality services with courtesy, sensitivity and the minimum delay, fostering a climate of mutual respect between An Post and its customers. Contact names will be given in all communications to ensure ease of ongoing transactions.

We would like to ensure that your contact with us throughout An Post is efficient, courteous and helpful.



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Every Irish address accurate to one metre