Household Budget

- make weekly contributions towards your bills

Do you receive Social Welfare payments? Why not spread the cost of your household bills by paying regular amounts towards your bills, directly from your weekly Social Welfare payments, through Household Budget.


What is Household Budget?

Household Budget allows you to pay regular amounts towards various household bills by direct deduction from certain Social Welfare payments.

To qualify for the Household Budget Scheme you must receive one of the following Social Welfare payments: 

  • Back to Work Allowance
  • Back to Work Enterprise Allowance
  • Disability Allowance
  • Blind Pension
  • Carer's Allowance
  • Carer's Benefit
  • Farm Assist
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Jobseeker’s Benefit
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • State Pension (Contributory)
  • State Pension (Non–Contributory)
  • One-Parent Family Payment
  • Pre-Retirement Allowance
  • Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner's (Contributory) Pension
  • Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner's (Non–Contributory) Pension
  • Back to Education Allowance
  • Supplementary Welfare Allowance (basic payment).


Which bills can you pay?

  • Local Authority / Housing Body Payments
  • Electric Ireland
  • Bord Gáis Energy
  • eircom
  • Airtricity
  • Irish Water


When deciding how much to pay every week towards each bill, make sure that:

  1. You are making the minimum payments stated for each bill type (see Deduction Guidelines)
  2. The total payments do not exceed 25% of your flat weekly Social Welfare payment


Deduction Guidelines

Local Authority / Housing Body

For deductions of rent, the amount deducted per week will be equal to your weekly rent as long as the total payment (including other utility payments) is not greater than 25% of your weekly flat payment.

Utility Deductions

€5 is the minimum weekly payment to any utility.
Note that Irish Water minimum weekly payment is €2.50.

How to open an Account?

Simply complete the Household Budget Deduction Instruction Form for each bill you want to contribute towards, and Freepost it back to:
Household Budget
An Post
3A G.P.O.
Dublin 1
D01 F5P2

It will take up to 21 days to process your deduction instructions.  Deduction payments will be passed on to the receiving organisation within 4 working days of receipt of your weekly payment at the Post Office.

How to Add, Amend, or Delete Deductions?

Can I add new payments to my Household Budget?YES -  as long as your total deductions do not exceed the 25% limit. To add new bill payments to your Household Budget, complete a new Deduction Instruction Form and Freepost it back to us.

Can I amend a deduction?

Yes - you can amend a deduction amount subject to:

  • Completing a new deduction form and sending it back to us Freepost
  • Submitting a letter of authorisation from the Local Authority / Housing Body in respect of any rent payments along with a new deduction form

How can I cancel any of all my deductions?

All requests for cancellation of Local Authority / Housing Body rent deductions must be accompanied by a letter of authorisation from the relevant Local Authority / Housing Body.
Cancellation of any utility bill can be made by written request.
You must give 2 weeks notice to cancel a deduction.
To do so, please write to us at the address above.

Please quote:

  • Your name, address and PPS number
  • Specify the deductions you wish to cancel (including account number). The deductions will be cancelled by An Post within 2 weeks of receipt of the cancellation notice.
  • Please note: application for the cancellation of rent payments must be accompanied by a letter from the relevant Local Authority / Housing Body.

Terms and conditions

  1. This service is operated on behalf of the Minister of Social Protection by An Post. It is open to those in receipt of certain Social Welfare payments.
  2. Household Budget can only be applied for if your Social Welfare payment is made through An Post.
  3. If your level of Social Welfare payment is not sufficient to meet all your deductions in a particular week, An Post will make deductions up to a maximum of 25% of the weekly flat rate payment. This will be based on Local Authority payments receiving priority.
  4. If the Minister for Social Protection has paid the Social Welfare payment to An Post, An Post's maximum liability for direct loss and damage arising from a failure to make a deduction from a Social Welfare payment will be the amount of the deduction in question. An Post will have no liability for indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from a failure to make a deduction from a Social Welfare payment.

Application forms

Adobe PDF icon Household Budget Deduction Instruction Form


Glossary of Terms


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