International Business Response Service

- get your customers overseas to respond easily

Need an easy way to get your customers to respond to you? International Business Response Service (IBRS) is a convenient way for customers worldwide to reply to you with pre-paid cards and envelopes, at no cost to them.


How does it work?

Download an application form online or pick one up from your local Post Office. Return the form to An Post, including a sample of your IBRS item, and when your application is accepted, we will issue a licence number for your IBRS card or envelope. It is a free service to your customers for items up to 50g in weight, in any country worldwide. You only pay postage for the replies you receive. Country specific services are available, please contact your Account Manager for more information, Call 01 705 7600.  

Step by step

What do I need to get started?

  • Fill out an application form.
  • Ensure your IBRS card or envelope meets An Post's design specifications.
  • Include a sample of your IBRS item.
  • An Post must approve the wording and configuration of the Response card or envelope.
  • Pay the pro-rata licence fee (see table).
  • Include a deposit of 20% of your anticipated distribution abroad.


What size should my cards or envelopes be?

  • minimum of 90mm x 140mm
  • maximum 305mm x 381mm x 20mm (depth).
  • maximum weight allowable is 50g per item worldwide. For heavier items please contact your Account Manager, Call 01 705 7600.

For more detailed design specifications see full Terms and conditions.

How do I know if my customers have received anything?

  • Your replies are returned directly to you by Standard Post.
  • Pay only for the replies you receive.


How will IBRS benefit my business?

  • Extend your reach to new markets worldwide.
  • Customers can respond easily to you at no extra cost to them, and at little cost you.
  • Only pay for the replies you receive.
  • Replies are returned via Standard Post directly to your Irish address.
  • Uniform design keeps printing costs down.
  • Single license fee, regardless of how many countries you wish to access.


Larger items - Bulky IBRS:

Items weighing up to 2kg can be accepted for the IBRS service for the following countries only.

Czech Republic     
Germany (1kg and depth of 50mm only)
United Kingdom         

Larger items dimensions

  • Envelopes - Minimum: Surface of at least 90mm x 140mm. Maximum: Length, width and depth combined - 900m. (No dimension can exceed 600mm.)
    • Packets - Minimum: 100mm x 70mm x 25mm (depth). Maximum: Length, width and depth combined - 900m. (No dimension can exceed 600mm.)
      • Items in roll form - Minimum: Length plus twice the diameter - 170mm, but the greatest dimension may not be less than 100mm. Maximum: Length plus twice the diameter - 1040mm, but the greatest dimension may not exceed 900mm.

      All IBRS which comply with the above criteria should be accepted. For any queries please contact your local An Post Account Manager or An Post Customer Services at 01 705 7600.

      How much?

      International Business Response Services fees from 4 April 2018

      Annual licence fee of €165.00 plus deposit. the licence fee operates until the end of the calendar year.
      The deposit will relate to anticipated volumes, subject to a minimum deposit of €82.50

      The following table allows you to see how much the licence fee is depending on the month you open the account.

       Month Licence Fees
      January €165.00
      February €151.25
      March €137.50
      April                         €123.75
      May €110.00
      June €96.25
      July €82.50
      August €68.75
      September €55.00
      October €41.25
      November €27.50
      December €13.75

       Weight Not Over Letter / Postcard  Large
      100g  €1.70 €2.90 €5.50
      250g    €4.50 €6.50
      500g €5.70 €7.50
      1kg €11.00
      1.5kg      €14.00
      2kg      €14.00

      Terms and conditions

      1. The cards, envelopes and labels proposed to be issued to correspondents and the advertisements in which the said design is proposed to be incorporated for use as aforesaid shall fulfil the conditions as specified by An Post and no card, envelope or label for issue to correspondents or advertisement incorporating the said design which does not meet these conditions shall be used until it has been approved in writing by An Post.
      2. Before any International Business Reply Service (IBRS) items are issued by a customer, there must be a confirmation that a licence has been granted by An Post.
      3. A Licence is for the period of one calendar year and is applicable to a single address only.
      4. Ink-Jet and toner cartridges cannot be accepted for this service (see the full list of prohibited items).
      5. Only items of no commercial value can be accepted for this service.
      6. The conditions of this Licence may be added to at any time by An Post if, and as far as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with the Regulations and Rules for the time being relating to the Inland Post and the International Post.
      7. The Licence may be revoked by An Post by giving seven day's notice in writing to the Licensee at any time and maybe be revoked forthwith by An Post by notice in writing to the Licensee in the event of any breach by the Licensee of any of the Conditions herein contained, and the Licensee shall be entitled to the return of any unexhausted balance of the sum paid under Condition 4, less any sum due to An Post.
      8. Any notice under this Licence from An Post to the Licensee shall be sufficiently given if left or sent by post addressed to the Licensee at its last or usual place of address.
      9. The Terms and Conditions under which the International Business Reply Services are provided are subject to the general rules and regulations of the Post Office relating to the Inland Post and International Post, as detailed in the "Eoilí an Phoist", the Post Office Guide as per the Inland Post Warrant 1939 and its amendments, except that they cannot be redirected after delivery at the licensed address and if they re-transmitted after such delivery must be enclosed in covers and fresh postage paid.

      IBRS Design Specifications

      For your printer/designer

      Please use the following specifications when designing your International Business Response Service item. Please note that An Post may order changes to the design, so work should not be typeset or otherwise finally committed until approval has been obtained.

      1. The layout must be as shown. The two horizontal lines must be at least 3mm wide, 80mm in length, 15mm apart from their inside edges and 15mm from the right edge of the item.
      2. The words REPONSE PAYEE / RESPONSE PAID and IRLANDE / IRELAND must be shown on two lines between the horizontal lines. The words must be in capital letters and not less than 4mm in height.
      3. The address of the IBRS licensee must be printed below the two horizontal lines. The wording of the address must include the name and full postal address of the licensee as indicated, with "Response paid" before the Post Town line and "IRELAND" in block capitals.
      4. The "no stamp required" indicator must appear approximately 5mm from the top right-hand edge of the item in an outlined box.
      5. An airmail label stating the words "By Airmail" and "Par Avion" should appear in the top left-hand corner, below which should appear the words "IBRS / CCRI" followed by your License number, which will be provided by An Post.
      6. All printing must be in a dark colour and should have a white or shaded background. Dark blue or black is preferred.
      7. IBRS items may contain correspondence, magazines and goods of no commercial value.
      8. Extraneous printing and advertising may appear on the left-hand side of the item and on the rear provided that:
        • It does not fall below the last line of the address on the face of the item.
        • It does not mimic the horizontal lines.
        • It does not contain another address, complete or not.

      Application forms

      IBRS Application form

      Glossary of Terms


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