Standard Post

- reliable worldwide post for less

Standard Post from An Post is ideal for customers who want reliability at an affordable price.  We can deliver any item - from postcards to parcels - all over Ireland and to more than 200 countries worldwide at a very cost-effective price

Important information for sending mail abroad

How does it work?

Simply attach the relevant postage to your letter/postcard, large envelope, packet or parcel and we'll do the rest.

Find your nearest location to buy a stamp. You can now buy stamps from our new vending machines.

Step by step

What does it offer?

  • 85% next working day delivery within the Republic of Ireland* 
  • Reliable, value for money service worldwide

How do I use it?

  • Bring your item to any Post Office.
  • For items over 2kg a Parcel Post label will be required
  • Attach the appropriate postage
  • Complete the appropriate customs declaration documentation for international items.
  • Post your item at any Post Box or Post Office.

What else?

    *The Commission for Communications Regulation has responsibility for setting quality-of-service standards with regard to the Universal Service Obligation (USO) in the postal sector.  The current target for next day delivery of single piece priority mail is 94%.

How much?

Zone 1 - Ireland & NI

Not Over
Letter /
Packet Parcel 
50g  €0.60 €1.05 €2.40 €6.50
100g  €0.60 €1.05 €2.40 €6.50
250g    €1.50 €3.00 €6.50
500g €2.10 €4.00 €6.50
1kg €6.50 €6.50
1.5kg      €7.50 €7.50
2kg      €7.50 €7.50
2.5kg        €9.00
3kg €10.00
3.5kg        €11.50
4kg €12.50
4.5kg        €13.50
5kg        €14.50
Each Additional 1kg (max 20kg) No further charge

Weight Not Over


Large  Envelope

50g €0.59€1.03€2.35
100g €0.59€1.03€2.35

Zone 2 - Great Britain

Weight Not OverLetter/
Packet Parcel 
50g €0.90€1.65€3.00€20.00
100g €0.90€1.65€3.00€20.00
250g  €3.30€4.00€20.00
500g €4.50€5.00€20.00
1kg   €7.50€20.00
1.5kg €10.75€24.00
2kg €10.75€27.50
2.5kg €30.00
3kg    €34.00
3.5kg €36.00
4kg €38.00
4.5kg €40.00
5kg    €42.00
Each Additional 1kg (max 20kg)No further charge

Zone 3 - Europe

 Weight Not OverLetter / Postcard Large
Packet Parcel 
250g €3.30€4.00€25.00
500g  €4.50€5.00€25.00
1kg €7.50€25.00
1.5kg €10.75€30.00
2kg €10.75€32.00
2.5kg €36.00
3kg €40.00
3.5kg €46.00
4kg €50.00
4.5kg    €55.00
5kg    €60.00
Each Additional 1kg (max 20kg)No further charge

Zone 4 - Rest of World

Weight Not OverLetter/
Packet Parcel 
50g €0.90€1.65€ 3.00€25.00
100g €0.90€1.65€ 3.00€25.00
250g  €3.30€4.00€25.00
500g €4.50€5.00€25.00
1kg   €10.75€25.00
1.5kg €17.00€30.00
2kg €17.00€32.00
2.5kg €36.00
3kg    €40.00
3.5kg €46.00
4kg €50.00
4.5kg €55.00
5kg    €60.00
Each Additional 1kg (max 20kg)                                    €1.00

Find out if this service is available to your destination country using our calculate the Postage tool which also gives you expected delivery times.

What next?

Always include a return address. On the rare occasion we cannot deliver your item we can return it to you without delay.

Post your item at any Post Box or Post Office. Items over 2kg require a Parcel Post Label and must be posted at a Post Office.

General Customs Information

For international items the relevant customs declaration information must be appropriately completed and attached.  For items under €300 or up to 2kg a CN22 label should be attached.  For items over 2kg or €300 in value a CP72 label should be attached.

Both the CN22 and CP72 label are available at your local Post Office.

Important information for sending mail abroad

Due to a tightening of airline security  it is no longer possible to accept ink or toner cartridges. Check the full list of items restricted from the outbound International Mail services.

Due to temporary additional security measures taken by the United States Homeland Security Agency, mail destined for the United States and weighing more than 450g may be subject to short delays.

Did you find what you were looking for? If you have not please email your enquiry or feedback and you will receive a response shortly.

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