- making sure your mail moves with you.

Are you moving house? Want to make sure your mail goes with you? Redirection from An Post will forward your mail wherever you need, for up to a year, whether it’s at home or abroad.

Arrange your Redirection online now

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Lost your Redirection reference number?

To cancel a Redirections Service please write to
An Post
Redirection Unit
Ground Floor
O’Connell Street Lower
Dublin 1
D01 F5P2.

How does it work?

To have your mail redirected to your new home, simply download the application form,  pick one up at your local Post Office, or apply for your Redirection online.

Fill it out and return your application along with the appropriate payment and documentation to us at least five days before you want the service to commence. We’ll take care of the rest.

Step by step

  • Fill out the application form in full
  • Make sure you fill out the names of all occupants whose mail you want redirected
  • All occupants (aged over 18) must sign the application form
  • For all minors please include date of birth
  • Include all relevant documentation
  • Your post can be redirected to any address in Ireland or abroad
  • You can pay at your local Post Office, online, or by post 
  • You will need to provide proof of I.D. and Proof of Address
    (this is only required for the individual bringing the application to the Post Office)

Pay by credit card or debit card  when posting your application form to:

An Post
Redirection Unit
Ground Floor
O'Connell Street Lower
Dublin 1
D01 F5P2

Please do not send cash. Applications by post may only be paid by credit or debit card – all other payment methods will not be accepted. The name on the debit or credit card must match the name of at least one of the individuals having mail redirected.

Proof of I.D. accepted at the Post Office Proof of address accepted at the Post Office
  • Driving licence (showing the address mail is to be redirected from)
  • Passport
  • Employer photo I.D.
  • Student photo I.D. (from a third level college)
  • Utility bill (showing the address mail is to be redirected from) within the last 5 months
  • Bank/Building Society Statement (showing the address mail is to be redirected from) within the last 5 months
Proof of I.D. and address only required for the individual bringing the application to the Post Office.

Online Redirection application

With our new online Redirection service, you can: 

The Primary Contact must be an adult with a valid email address to receive a copy of the application form by email.

Once payment is successfull, the full order details, including the redirection reference number, will be shown. A copy of your completed application form will then be sent to your email address.

Please note that the PDF application form needs to be signed and returned to Customer Services before the service is setup.
An Post
Redirection Unit
Ground Floor
O'Connell Street Lower
Dublin 1
D01 F5P2

We will then send you a notification letter containing a PIN number and login information. You will need to activate the redirection in order for it to be made live.

How to activate your Redirection:

Enter your Redirection reference number and PIN number to activate your Redirection.

Please note that if the expiry date of the redirection has been exceeded, you will be notified and informed that the service cannot be activated.

Renew a Redirection online

It is possible to renew an existing redirection providing it is no earlier than 21 calendar days or more than 3 working days before the expiry date.

To renew a redirection you will need to enter the Redirection reference number and the PIN number.

If your redirection is eligible for renewal, your summary details will be displayed. Select the duration of the extension period for the redirection.

Once you have selected your extension period you will then be brought to the Redirections confirmation page to complete the confirmation and make payment. When payment is succesful you will receive confirmation by email.

 “Lost / Forgotten PIN No?”

If you have misplaced your PIN number, you can click here and enter your Redirection reference number and email address we will then send you the PIN number again by post.

We can resend your reference number simply entering the email address you used when setting up your Redirection. We will then send you the Reference Number to that email address.

How much?

Duration Residential In Ireland
(fee per redirection) 
Residential Abroad
(fee per redirection)
Up to 1 month €35.00 €50.00
Up to 3 months €90.00 €125.00
Up to 6 months €140.00 €190.00
Up to 12 months €180.00 €240.00

For more information

  • For any queries on our redirection service refer to our Customer Services section for a list of frequently asked questions
  • If you're on holiday and you want An Post to look after your mail while you're away try our MailMinder service
  • If you're away for over 12 months you may want to apply for a Post Office Box
  • Do you need more information? Email your enquiry or feedback and you will receive a response shortly

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to An Post’s Residential Redirection Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). In these terms and conditions “You” and “Your” refer to the applicant(s) for the Service and “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to An Post, having its registered office at GPO, O’Connell Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2.

  1. The service is only available for the redirection of residential post to which You are entitled. You confirm that the new address stated on this application is Your true and correct address. 
  2. The applicant(s) who sign(s) this form must be 18 years of age or older. A parent or guardian must sign their own name for a minor requesting the Service and insert the minor’s year of birth where indicated. 
  3. We will require at least five working days’ notice to put the Service in place. 
  4. There is a delay of at least one working day in delivery of redirected post. 
  5. A new address label is applied to each redirected item or pouch. If the item cannot be delivered it may be returned to the sender complete with the new address label.
  6. Except in the case of temporary redirection, when the Service expires all post addressed to Your old address may be delivered as addressed or may be returned to sender, in accordance with our operational procedures. 
  7. If You wish to cancel the Service You must do so in writing. We will not refund the fee if You cancel the Service after it has started. 
  8. If post is addressed to more than one addressee and only one of the addressees has requested the Service We will deliver the post as addressed and We will not redirect it unless both parties agree in writing that one of them or a third party will receive it. 
  9. Items sent using the An Post Parcels Service (including Courier Post) will not be redirected. 
  10. We will not redirect post: 
    1. for applicants who share a name with someone who remains at the address from which the post is to be redirected (e.g. parent and child of the same name or people that share the same initials and surname); 
    2. sent poste restante; 
    3.  from a college, boarding house or similar accommodation with one delivery point; or 
    4.  addressed to a PO Box. 
  11.  Deceased Persons: The following conditions must be satisfied before We will redirect post on the instructions of the executors or the administrators of an estate. 
    1. if the deceased person left a will, probate of the will must accompany this application form which must be signed by all the executors; 
    2. the deceased person left a will but there is a delay in obtaining probate, a copy of the will and a letter from the executors stating that probate has been applied for and that they know of no reason why it will not be granted must accompany this application form which must be signed by all the executors; 
    3. if the deceased person did not leave a will, letters of administration to the deceased person’s estate must accompany this application form which must be signed by the administrators of the estate; 
    4. if the deceased person did not leave a will and letters of administration are not available, You must provide a written undertaking from a solicitor to produce letters of administration within a reasonable period (e.g. twelve months); 
    5.  We reserve the right to request further documentary proof of any applicant’s entitlement to receive the post of deceased persons. 
  12.  We will not accept redirection applications from persons acting on behalf of persons who may be ill, incapacitated or a Ward of Court unless the redirection application is supported by documentary proof of the applicant’s legal authority to redirect and/or receive the mail in respect of which the redirection application is made. An Post reserves the right to request further documentary proof and information. 
  13. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue the Service at Our absolute discretion, including, but not limited to, where the Service is unworkable. In this event, An Post will refund the fee paid for the Service but will have no further liability. 
  14.  Your Indemnity: In consideration of Us providing the Service You will indemnify Us and keep Us fully and effectively indemnified on demand from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, costs, charges, expenses, liabilities, demands, proceedings and actions which We may sustain or incur, or which may be brought or established against Us by any person, which in any case arise out of or in relation to or by reason of Your use of the Service in breach of any of these terms and conditions. 
  15.  This agreement is governed by the laws of Ireland and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts. 
  16.  Limitation on Liability: Our liability for any direct loss or damage arising from this contract is limited to the fee paid for the Service. We will not be liable, in any event, for any consequential or indirect loss or damage including, without limitation, loss of income, profits, interest, utility or loss of market, however arising in respect of the Service.


Application forms

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