International Export for Business

Thinking of exporting or importing?

Begin your journey with the experts at An Post.

Whether you’re importing or exporting, just starting off or already established, with An Post you know your deliveries are safe in the hands of Ireland’s largest postal network. We offer a range of delivery options from low cost to urgent delivery. No matter what your budget or your requirements, we have a parcel solution for you.


An Post works directly with international postal operators worldwide so for international parcel deliveries – you know you’re working with the parcel specialists. We can provide you with expert advice to simplify and meet the requirements for customs documentation required for non EU destinations and we can help you grow your business.

You can visit your Local Post Office for more details and advice on sending packets and parcels abroad.

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Why choose An Post for exporting or importing?

Getting into the international market can be daunting so it’s important to make sure you’re working with the delivery experts. An Post is Irish owned with unrivalled local knowledge and a nationwide network of over 1,100 post offices, An Post provides large and small business customers alike with the complete parcel delivery package.
We are independently regulated and renowned for reliability and security. Well known names such as, Arnotts, Irish Cancer Society and The Jelly Bean Factory, to name but a few, have come to rely on An Post to deliver to their important customers throughout Ireland and worldwide. So, your company will be in good company!

We can organise scheduled collection of your items from all Republic of Ireland addresses; we can also arrange collection from any address in the UK through our fully owned UK based subsidiary. 

e-Commerce and Online business

Getting your business online

The World Wide Web is the new virtual shop window for businesses of all sizes – so why not make sure your business is online. An Post, in association with Google, Blacknight and County Enterprise Boards, developed to help any business without a website to get online for free. What’s more, the site also includes lots of useful tips and tools.

Promote your Business with

If you are an online retailer looking to break into the market, or simply looking for a new way to target online shoppers, then is an ideal way to get their attention.  To promote your business with a free trial listing, simply log on to and register your business.

Customised Returns Solutions for e-Retailers

We offer customised solutions to businesses that need a return service for their goods. This service can even be tailored to meet the various needs of our customers, talk to your An Post Account Manager for full details. 

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Choice of Delivery Options

Use our handy chart below to find out the best way for you to send your parcels. Ask yourself what’s important to you and let us do the rest... 

What's important to you?          
Most cost effective        
Highest security        
Fast local         
Fast & Secure International      

Parcel Postal Services at a glance

You may already know what you want to send, so find out the best way to send it here.

Standard Post offers a reliable way to send your parcels without any additional costs.  Every working day we deliver more than 3 million items to over 1.5 million addresses up and down the country.  Through our extensive network, An Post enables you to send parcels reliably.

Registered Post provides you with a signature to verify delivery and limited insurance to anywhere in Ireland and just about anywhere in the world.  You can even track your delivery on the internet for items sent within Ireland and certain countries abroad.

Express Post guarantees next working day delivery, by close of business, to any address in the Republic of Ireland.  You can track delivery online and, for an additional fee you can have a signature proof of delivery and insurance.

With the Express Post International service, you can send mail under 2kg overseas fast. Delivery to selected destinations only. 

With Priority Parcel International we'll make your parcel our priority on its way to international destinations*.  With internet tracking, proof of delivery, recipient signature and inclusive transit liability, we're with you every step of the way.

The quick, simple and secure way to send a document or parcel worldwide, delivered by An Post and DHL Express. With internet tracking, signature proof of delivery and insurance cover included, you can be guaranteed we're with you every step of the way. Available only at selected Post Offices.  

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Pricing and Discounts

Discounted Rates - International Bulk Mail Services (IBMS)

We offer an international bulk discount service for customers sending high volumes of mail to foreign destinations. You can avail of rates as low as €0.81c for items to the UK and €0.77c to the USA.  It is also conveyed by air and treated as first class mail in the destination country.

See our IBMS Service Guide for information on how to avail of IBMS discounts or contact your Account Manager.

International Bulk Mail Service for Priority Packets

 Country 50g 100g  250g 500g 1kg 1.5kg 2kg
Argentina €1.09 €1.66 €3.36 €5.87 €11.34 €17.58 €19.91
Australia €1.33 €1.81 €3.10 €5.60 €10.33 €16.65 €19.91
Austria €3.49 €3.62 €3.93 €4.48 €6.06 €8.50 €11.27
Belgium €2.49 €2.63 €3.13 €3.92 €5.31 €7.29 €9.25
Brazil €1.09 €1.65 €3.36 €6.19 €13.04 €19.09 €19.91
Bulgaria €0.96 €1.38 €2.86  €5.32 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04
Canada €1.23 €1.62 €2.54 €4.27 €7.66 €12.04 €16.52
China €0.98 €1.45 €2.83  €5.13 €9.74 €15.76 €19.91
Cyprus €1.09 €1.66 €3.36 €5.28 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04
Czech Rep. €1.12 €1.21 €1.98 €3.33 €5.68 €9.03 €12.39
Denmark €3.31 €3.47 €4.41 €6.01 €9.46 €12.79 €13.04
Estonia €1.39 €1.52 €1.98 €3.15 €5.60 €8.87 €12.13
Finland €3.44 €3.73 €4.76 €6.40 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04 
France €2.27 €2.42 €2.98 €3.89 €5.71 €8.37 €11.03
Germany €3.19 €3.31 €3.71 €4.36 €5.49 €7.10 €8.72
Greece €2.57 €2.68 €3.07 €3.71 €5.10 €7.08 €9.14
Hong Kong €0.98 €1.38 €2.67 €4.81 €9.10 €14.19 €19.91
Hungary €1.31 €1.50 €2.08 €3.04 €5.02 €7.97 €10.91
Iceland €2.31 €2.81 €3.82 €5.84 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04
India €0.98 €1.43 €2.79 €5.05 €9.58 €15.65 €19.91
Israel €1.24 €1.52 €2.48 €4.03 €6.74 €10.62 €14.49
Italy €4.04 €4.24 €4.94 €6.26 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04
Japan €1.23 €1.53 €2.45 €3.98 €7.04 €10.49 €14.34
Latvia €1.31 €1.46 €1.91 €3.14 €5.57 €8.82 €12.07
Lithuania €1.18 €1.31 €1.81 €2.94 €5.23 €8.28 €11.34
Luxembourg €2.81 €2.92 €3.31 €3.94 €5.03 €6.60 €8.17
Malta €1.07 €1.63 €3.28 €5.45 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04
Mexico €1.02 €1.51 €2.99 €5.44 €13.04 €16.64 €19.91
Netherlands €1.35 €1.79 €4.20 €6.71 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04
New Zealand €1.36 €1.93 €3.22 €5.80 €13.04 €17.13 €19.91
Norway €4.46 €4.46 €5.61 €6.60 €9.46 €13.04 €13.04
Philippines €0.96 €1.41 €2.79 €5.22 €13.04 €16.67 €19.91
Poland €1.18 €1.33 €1.82 €2.91 €5.10 €7.84 €10.74
Portugal €1.78 €2.02 €2.84 €4.16 €6.48 €9.79 €13.04
Romania €1.21 €1.42 €2.77 €5.01 €7.72 €10.92 €10.92
Russia €0.97 €1.42 €2.75 €5.10 €9.80 €16.12 €19.91
Singapore €0.96 €1.39 €2.69 €4.85 €9.18 €13.88 €19.91
Slovakia €1.27 €1.38 €2.00 €3.29 €5.87 €8.44 €11.01
Slovenia €3.01 €3.15 €3.42 €3.96 €5.55 €8.23 €11.20
South Africa €0.97 €1.43 €2.78 €5.14 €13.01 €16.46 €19.91
Spain €1.97 €2.18 €2.94 €4.15 €6.27 €9.30 €13.04
Sweden €2.29 €2.57 €3.56 €5.15 €7.94 €11.91 €13.04
Switzerland €4.51 €4.51 €5.61 €6.60 €9.46 €10.22 €11.13
Turkey €0.96 €1.38 €2.67 €4.81 €9.09 €14.50 €19.91
U.S.A €1.06 €1.35 €2.20 €3.62 €6.47 €9.31 €12.19
UK €2.05 €2.14 €2.45 €3.38 €5.35 €8.39 €11.44
 Rates for other destinations are also available on request.

Calculate the Postage

For all other parcel services please see our calculate the postage tool for pricing at the Post Office or talk to your Account Manager about volume based discounts.

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Tracking and Labelling your Parcels

Track your item online

The An Post iPhone App

An Post’s iPhone app enables you to find your nearest Post Office, calculate your postage and track delivery all from the palm of your hand.

Real Time Scanning and Reports

Track where your parcels are and when they are due to be delivered with Real Time Scanning from An Post.  Download tracking data from real time scanners every hour to your server.

Autolynk – the all Inclusive labelling system

At An Post we know that if you are sending large volumes of parcels, putting a barcode label on each item can be time consuming and so we have developed an integrated system called Autolynk which is capable of producing an all-inclusive single posting label at your business premises.

Customer Service Helpline

Should you have a question or query regarding a delivery, we have a dedicated team of operators who are always happy to take your call. Our team can be contacted on 01 705 7600 or email Alternatively contact your dedicated Account Manager. 

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Why Choose An Post for Importing into Ireland?

Choose from a broad range of delivery services and work with the parcel experts in Ireland. An Post has unrivalled reach and delivery access to every address – including apartment blocks. All our staff are uniformed postal operatives ensuring secure and professional delivery every time.

Additional Tracking Benefits when of importing into Ireland

Delivery Notifications

Should the recipient of your parcel be out when we arrive we will leave them a docket with information on where they can collect their parcel locally and details on how they can organise for delivery to another address (in selected areas only). For a small fee, customers can also use our online Redelivery service to have their item redelivered to the same or alternative address.

Post Alerts

Set up Post Alerts with your An Post Account Manager so that your recipients get a text messages with updates on the status of your parcels – peace of mind that your parcels are in safe hands when it comes to delivery and service. 

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Contact Us

You can visit your Local Post Office for more details and advice on sending packets and parcels abroad.
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Size & Weight Guide


Once your item's dimensions or weight exceeds the limits of any category it automatically moves to the next category of mail.



The Letter/Postcard rate of postage caters for items no larger than C5 in size (i.e. the size of an envelope containing a folded A4 sheet of standard paper). Any item below this size needs to be inserted into an envelope of at least these dimensions to meet regulations. Failure to do so may result in the item being charged at a parcel rate.


Minimum:  Length 140mm; Width 90mm; Depth 0.18mm 
(with a tolerance of 2mm)

Maximum: Length 235mm; Width162mm; Depth 5mm


Items which qualify for the Letter/Postcard rate of postage must weigh no more than 100g.
If you cannot fold your items to fit this size, or they are bigger or heavier than the maximum size and weight limits, they may be classed as large envelope, packet or parcel items.
Any item below this size needs to be inserted into an envelope of at least these dimensions to meet regulations. Failure to do so may result in the item being charged at a parcel rate.

Large Envelope


The Large Envelope rate of postage caters for flat items, such as an A4 sheet of standard paper, no larger than the maximum dimensions below and weighing no more than 500g.


Minimum:   Length 140mm; Width 90mm; Depth 0.18mm 
(with a tolerance of 2mm)
Maximum:  Length 400mm; Width 300mm; Depth 25mm


Items which qualify for the Large Envelope rate of postage must weigh no more than 500g.
If you cannot fold your items to fit this size, or they are bigger or heavier than the maximum size and weight limits, they may be classed as packet or parcel items.



The Packet rate of postage caters for items within the following dimensions.


Minimum dimensions: 100mm(L) X 70mm(H) X 25mm(D).
Maximum dimensions: for a packet are a combined length, height and depth of 900mm. No individual dimension can exceed 600mm, with a tolerance of 2mm.
In tube form the maximum dimensions are the length plus twice the diameter 1,040mm with no one dimension exceeding 900mm, with a tolerance of 2mm.


Items which qualify for the Packet rate of postage must weigh no more than 2kg. 

Items that are bigger or heavier than the maximum size and weight limits of a Packet will be classed as a Parcel.


The Parcel rate of postage caters for items up to the following size dimensions and is subject to a physical & dimensional weight limit of 20kg.


Maximum dimensions:
Length: 1.5 metres
Length: + Girth 3 metres

To calculate the Girth: 2 x (Depth + Width)


The maximum weight limit per item is 20kg.
Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight - such as a box of pillows - can be charged according to their Dimensional  Weight. This reflects the additional cost of transporting light but sizeable items. It is recommended that you calculate the Dimensional Weight for every shipment that you send, then compare this to its actual weight. The greater weight of the two is used to work out the price that we charge you.

To calculate the Dimensional Weight:
(L x W x D) / 6,000

L = Length in centimetres
W = Width in centimetres
D = Depth in centimetres

A 10kg item, which is 62cm long, 49cm in width and 39cm in depth will have a Dimensional Weight of:

(62x49x39)/6000 = 19.75 which is rounded up to 20 giving you a Dimensional weight of 20kg.

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