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The long history of the Post Office and its involvement in so many different aspects of Irish life and society make it an ideal subject on which classroom lessons may be built. At the heart of the Post Office story is the human desire to communicate and whether it’s news, love, or business, the men and women of the Post Office are the people who have done this, by letter, telegraph and telephone, for generations. Methods of transport follow on naturally from the theme of communications and the gradual extension of Post Office business into areas like banking and pensions fixed its place firmly in local and rural life throughout Ireland.

Architecture, design, printing
and politics – all can be introduced through aspects of Post Office history. The role of the humble stamp in creating Irish identity is a fascinating story, for instance, but for most pupils it is the GPO and 1916 which will strike an immediate chord of interest and recognition. A visit to the GPO itself, the building from which P H Pearse read the Proclamation aloud to passing Dublin citizens, can be a memorable experience.

The pages which follow (which may also be downloaded as pdfs) are pitched at senior primary level and junior secondary level but teachers will be able to adapt and supplement the material for various age groups as they require. The physical GPO museum no longer exists as it had to close to make way for a new 1916 centre but there is plenty of virtual material to be seen on our website.


Stephen Ferguson

 Resources for teachers

 The Post Office in Ireland
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 The Post Office and 1916
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 The Post Office and Transport