The Route 2017

The 2017 An Post Rás route was revealed at the GPO on February 14 and looks certain to provide a challenging test. This year’s Rás covers 1,200 kilometres over eight stages with 21 categorised climbs, including two category one climbs, Mamore Gap and Glengesh Pass.

The 2017 Rás is the 65th edition of the race. The action gets underway on Sunday May 21 from Dublin Castle, Dublin City, with stage finishes in Longford, Newport, Bundoran, Buncrana, Dungloe, Donegal, Ardee and finishing in Skerries.  

Route details


Safety messages

With cyclists racing, there will be lots going on as team support cars feed riders, fix bikes and official vehicles keep time and supervise the race. It’s busy and fast, so safety is all important. Here’s how you can help.


  • At the race finish area, please observe any temporary parking restrictions such as ‘No Parking’ cones and obey normal parking restrictions.
  • Park considerately and do not block access to homes or businesses.
  • Please do not park within 500m of the finish line.
  • Animals may be startled by cyclists passing at high speed. Keep your pet on a lead while the competitors and race vehicles pass. Keep livestock off the road.
  • Parents, keep young children under supervision as they can become excited by the spectacle of the race. Keep prams and buggies well away from the roadside.
  • As the competitors may use the full width of the road stand on the footpath or well back on the verge.
  • Stand behind any crowd safety barriers, tapes or ropes present – they are there for your safety.
  • Follow any instructions or advice given by Gardaí or Race Marshals. Don’t be offended – the marshals are all volunteers who are there to ensure the safety of race participants and spectators.
  • Do not stand in the road to photograph the race. This is dangerous and unlikely to produce a good photograph. There are vantage points around the route which, with a little forward planning, offer better opportunities for great shots. Keep your camera out of the riders’ path.

Broom Wagon

The Broom Wagon is easily identifiable by signs and a long‑handled broom tied to the outside of the vehicle. It follows the last rider in the race and picks up riders who abandon.

Only when you see it can you be sure that the road behind it is clear of An Post Rás traffic.


  • The racing cyclists and their support vehicles will be preceded by vehicles and motorcyclists with warning lights and illuminated roof signs. When you see these approaching please slow down and pull in to the side to let the An Post Rás pass safely.
  • Garda Escort Motor Cyclists and civilian Motorcycle Marshals wearing hi‑visibility jackets will also precede the race. Please comply with any safety advice they give.
  • The field may be split into several groups, so please do not presume that because the leaders have passed there are no more cyclists coming. Check that the road is clear before moving off.
  • If you travel to see the race please arrive at your intended viewing point early enough to find suitable parking (lay‑by, side roads and designated car parks). Avoid parking along the race route as parked cars can pose a serious hazard to the racing cyclists.
  • If you have to park on the race route, please do so on the opposite side of the road from that on which the riders will be travelling.
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