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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Collectors' Corner

Welcome to the new Collectors' Corner

Over 20 million people collect stamps.

The reasons they started collecting vary: some began
with a love of history, geography and art; others inherited an album from a grandparent; some love cataloguing; others found they couldn’t rest until they’d tracked down the final stamp in a series. Sometimes one child’s interest inspired the rest of the family. 

Whatever the reasons, all casual and committed stamp collectors want access to as many and as wide a variety of stamps as possible. They want to be able to purchase stamps quickly and easily, and to find out about the latest equipment and storage techniques. They want to know about the agents, both international and local, who sell stamps, and they want to feel part of a community of collectors with whom they can swap stamps and share stories and tips.

That is why An Post has set up Collectors' Corner for everyone interested in collecting Irish stamps. In this section, dedicated to you, our collectors, we give you all the information you need to:

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