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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017


On the 2nd of November An Post issued a stamp to commemorate Christmas 2017.

Christmas is always a great time for An Post. It’s the busiest and most important posting time of the year, of course, with millions of cards, letters, packages and parcels to deliver to and from all over the world. It’s also wonderful to know that as we work, everyone we meet is happy to see us and they’re generally very excited about what we might be bringing them this year.

2017 is no different and this year we have commissioned Red&Grey Design to create three new stamps for Christmas 2017. Red&Grey used original artwork by Liz Rackard depicting traditional Christmas scenes. Liz is a well-known and highly respected artist and illustrator with a background in textile design.

The €1 national stamp that she has illustrated features a group of carol singers – something you will still see in some towns and villages throughout Ireland in the run-up to Christmas. Carols were first sung in Europe thousands of years ago, but these were not Christmas Carols.

They were pagan songs, sung at the Winter Solstice celebrations. Carols used to be written and sung during all four seasons, but only the tradition of singing them at Christmas has really survived.

The €1.35 international stamp is quite different and depicts a reindeer with Christmas lights on its antlers. The third and final stamp is the one that appears in the Christmas Stamp Booklet and this one shows a scene in which the three wise men follow the Star of Bethlehem while bearing their gifts for the baby Jesus. All three stamps are painted in the traditional Christmas colours that we all know so well.