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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

EUROPA – National Birds

EUROPA - National Birds


Birds are a critical feature of the natural world and a treat awaits all lovers of the species on April 11 when we issue two stamps celebrating our ‘National Birds’.

This is the common theme chosen by European Post Offices (PostEurop) for 2019. The stamps are based on paintings of the seabird, Roseate Tern and the wader, Golden Plover. The former has slender narrow pointed wings, long-forked tail and pointed bill while the latter features golden brown upperparts, which look grey at close range.

Did you know?
Both birds feature on a list of Birds of Conservation Concern in Ireland (BoCCI) 2014-2019 published by BirdWatch Ireland and the RSPB NI. The Golden Plover is one of 37 birds on the ‘red list’ (high concern); the Roseate Tern is among 91 birds on the ‘amber list’ (medium concern).