The Mail Media Unit

74 per cent of people take time to read their post every day

In today’s busy world, a massive 74 per cent of people put some time aside to read their post every day. It’s little wonder therefore that direct mail is a widely used method of marketing, and a proven tool for increasing business revenue, building brand and growing a customer base.

Addressed direct mail with a marketing slant accounts for one quarter of all addressed mail received by consumers. Retail Stores are the biggest senders, followed by utilities such as ESB and Bord Gáis and Leisure/Entertainment companies. Takeaways and restaurants are the largest volume source of unaddressed direct mail.

An Post’s Mail Media Unit was set up to promote excellence in the direct marketing industry. The unit is a valuable resource for any business that wants to make direct mail work for it. Besides offering a host of innovative products and services, the team provide practical support and helpful advice when needed to clients around the country.

From choosing suppliers to navigating the latest trends and monitoring research, the team constantly demonstrates the effectiveness of direct mail as a marketing medium for businesses.

The Mail Media Unit hosts regular talks at which the best marketers in the industry, from home and abroad, share their experiences and expertise. It is also behind the An Post Direct Marketing Awards, a ceremony that rewards excellence in Irish directmarketing.


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