An Post Pension Scheme - Information for members

News about your pension

Pensions have been in the news a lot lately. The global financial crisis has resulted in many pension schemes suffering significant financial losses. The An Post Pension Scheme is no different and has a substantial deficit. An Post remains committed to the current Scheme and to providing you with a good level of pension, however, we have to make some changes now to ensure the financial health of the Pension Scheme in the long-term.  An Post and the Group of Unions have spent a long time exploring the options available to address the problem. Together they have agreed a proposed plan which will safeguard pension benefits already earned by members and ensure that the Scheme is secure for the future. 

We understand how valuable your pension is to you and your family and that it forms an important part of your overall remuneration.  We are committed to providing you with full details on the proposed pension scheme changes and how they will affect you and your pension.

Members of the An Post Pension Scheme can find out all they need to know about their pension fund and the proposed changes here.