Don’t post it, Post it!


Don’t post it, Post it! That’s the message from An Post ahead of Valentine’s Day. With the last date for posting Valentine’s Day cards and letters fast approaching, an An Post survey reveals that romantic handwritten messages are the way to Irish hearts rather than oversharing on social media.

  •  81% say a handwritten letter or card is the most romantic form of communication
  •  Almost 1 in 3 believe that sharing soppy posts on social media is cringe-inducing
  •  85% think that Irish people can have a tendency to way overshare
  •  Personal details of others, sex and money are things we should be keeping private
  •  More than 1 in 4 hate seeing couples’ romantic declarations on social media
  •  Facebook is the social platform where oversharing is at its worst for 69%
  •  Post early today  postal delivery nationwide on Valentine’s Day

According to the research*, more than 4 in 5 (81%) Irish adults consider a personal card or letter handwritten and posted to be the most romantic form of communication. Make sure to send your Valentine’s Day post early on Tuesday 13th February for next day delivery nationwide.

Anti-social media

Social media sharing rated low amongst respondents with just 3% favouring a photograph or post shared on social platforms. Though a quarter of respondents admit to having overshared previously on social media, 1 in 3 are adamant that getting gushy on a public platform is cringeyness of the highest order, with a further 1 in 10 saying it is borderline vomit-inducing!

Over a quarter (27%) of the An Post survey respondents say that they hate seeing couples posting their declarations of love on social media and think that those posts should be kept private. Facebook (69%) is considered the worst social media channel for couples oversharing, followed by Instagram (16%).

Is oversharing caring?

In fact, almost half of us (48%) believe we tend to way overshare our lives in general, with a further 37% agreeing that we can sometimes be prone to oversharing. Our personal emotions (45%), work details (40%) and relationship issues (30%) are the subjects we feel we share too much with others. Unfortunately for them, our best friends (33%) are most likely to bear the brunt of this oversharing, even more so than our partners (28%)!

Privacy please

Some things are best kept private and according to the survey by An Post, the most important topics to keep to ourselves are personal details on family and friends (74%), sex (72%) and money (66%). Only 1 in 5 believe that religion is a subject best not publicly discussed and 11% are against political talk at the table.

In general, we believe ourselves to be private people and will only share openly with those close friends and family that we implicitly trust (43%).

Don’t post it, Post it!

This Valentine’s Day, say it the traditional, heartfelt way with a card or letter written by hand and posted to the one you love. An Post has released a special collection of Love Stamps for All Occasions which will add an extra sweet touch to your mail. Love stamps are available in handy booklets of ten (€10) for Valentine cards and personal greetings throughout the year at main post offices and online at  

And most importantly post your love letters and cards early TODAY for nationwide delivery on Valentine’s Day tomorrow.



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