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- get a permanent mail address

Are you in business, or regularly on the move? Do you need a regular, secure method of receiving post? A permanent address even if you relocate? Get your private Post Office Box (PO Box)

How does it work?

As an individual or a company, you can rent a PO Box or Vanity PO Box, and either collect your mail from your local Delivery Services Unit, or arrange for it to be delivered to your home or office. 

We also offer a service for customers who wish to collect their mail at their local Delivery Services Unit, known as the Callers service. Customers availing of the Callers service are issued a number but are not required to include the number in the items' address.

Step by step

  • Fill in the attached PO Box application form and send with payment to your local Delivery Services Unit .
    Customers applying for a Post Office Box in Dublin should return it to 

                  Annual Fee/Response Service Billing Unit
                  An Post
                  2nd Floor
                  Dublin 1, D01 F5P2

  • Collect your PO Box mail from your local Delivery Services Unit during normal working hours, Monday to Friday. Choose the time that suits you best - it can be earlier than the regular delivery hour.

  • Or, for an extra fee, we can deliver your PO Box mail to an address of your choice within the Republic of Ireland.

  • Are you running a business? Do you need an instantly memorable address? Vanity PO Box allows you to reserve the particular PO Box number of your choice (unless it has already been allocated).

How much?

PO Box Vanity
PO Box
PO Box
PO Box
Forward Delivery
January €325.00 €700.00 €1,100.00 €2,250.00
February €297.92 €641.67 €1,008.33 €2,062.50
March €270.83 €583.33 €916.67 €1,875.00
April €243.75 €525.00 €825.00 €1,687.50
May €216.67 €466.67 €733.33 €1,500.00
June €189.58 €408.33 €641.67 €1,312.50
July €162.50 €350.00 €550.00 €1,125.00
August €162.50 €350.00 €458.33 €937.50
September €162.50 €350.00 €366.67 €750.00
October €162.50 €350.00 €275.00 €562.50
November €162.50 €350.00 €183.33 €375.00
December €162.50 €350.00 €91.67 €187.50

For more information

Further details, Call 01 705 7600

Terms and conditions

  1. Where the applicant is a limited company this form must be signed by the Company Secretary and one other Director. In the case of partnerships, the signature of each partner is required (attach details on a separate piece of paper, if necessary)
  2. PO Box Services may only be used for legitimate purposes and should not contain or promote indecent, obscene or objectionable material or the sale or transit of firearms, other dangerous materials or medical products/medicines.
  3. An Post reserves the absolute right to refuse any application or discontinue a PO Box Service.
  4. The Services should be provided for customers only, in their own name, under a registered trade name or a name agreed in advance with An Post.
  5. A PO Box is rented for both Letters and Parcels.
  6. The PO Box delivery rate applies to delivery of mail to an address serviced by the Delivery Services Unit where the box is located.
  7. Unless other opening hours are specified by An Post, collections can be made during normal working hours Monday to Friday. Contact your local Delivery Services Unit for details.
  8. Annual fees for PO Box/Callers services run from January to December. Services may commence on any date subject to payment of the proportionate part of the yearly fee. A minimum charge of six months will apply in all cases.
  9. An Post reserves the right to communicate with a PO Box customer at the company registered address (for companies) or at the Geo-validated residential address.
  10. An identification card (and in some cases an access key) will be supplied to each customer using the PO Box for production at the office when collecting their mail. Customers must notify An Post if their ID card/key has been lost or stolen.
  11. If mail is collected by an individual not bearing an ID card, they must produce a letter on company letterhead authorising them to collect it.
  12. An Post will require up to 7 working days notice to put in place a PO Box.
  13. A PO Box is identified by a Box number given by An Post. The box number must be used in the address of mail intended for the Box and customers must show the Box number on their stationery so that correspondents will use the number in the address. For Dublin addresses the PO Box number should appear above the postal district; for addresses outside Dublin it should appear above the town; when combined with Freepost, it should appear above the words: 'Freepost'.
  14. Customers requiring their mail to be forwarded to another Delivery Services Unit will incur a delay in delivery of at least one working day and are subject to an additional fee.
  15. An Post will not refund the fee if the customer cancels the service after its commencement.
  16. Unless otherwise required by law, An Post shall not be liable for any loss including consequential loss howsoever arising and/or arising from the provision or failure or delay in providing any service under these Terms and Conditions. In relation to direct loss, An Post's maximum liability will be limited to the amount of the fee paid for the service.
  17. An Post reserves the right to terminate any PO Box if it receives any third party objection to the use of the PO Box name and/or number.

Application forms

 PO Box Application form

 Sample Business Reply & PO Box address format

Glossary of terms


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