2014 Christmas FAQs

1. What are the last dates for posting within Ireland and internationally this Christmas?

For information regarding the last dates of posting before Christmas, click here.

2. Is there post delivered on Christmas Eve?

Yes, post will be delivered on Christmas Eve.

3. Is there a deadline on sending in Santa Letters? When does he send out replies?

An Post has been helping Santa reply to children's letters free of charge for more than 25 years. Be sure to write early. In your letter clearly write your (child's) name and address. Post your letter to: Santa Claus, North Pole (using a 68c stamp). Santa's helpers in An Post will make sure you receive a personal reply from the great man himself, just before Christmas. Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves are very busy in the workshop and have already received so many of your letters. The elves are working hard, helping Santa to pack toys and gifts.

4. How long does it take for a Christmas card to be delivered to the USA?

There are specific guidelines for the latest dates for posting items to both national and international destinations in order to ensure delivery before Chrismtas. For information on the last dates for posting for Christmas 2014, click here

5. How much does it cost to post a Christmas card to Australia?

For information on postage costs to national and international destinations, click here. Please ensure that you check the guidelines on the last days for posting in order to ensure that your item reaches its destination in time for Christmas 2014. 

6. Will you be doing a Saturday delivery in the run up to Christmas this year?

Yes, our Postal Operatives will be delivering mail on Saturday, December 20th this year. 

7. I have ordered goods online but haven't received them yet. How can I find out where they are?

Unfortunately during this extremely busy time of the year, there can be some delays in our postage services. We advise all our customers to give extra time when posting letters/parcels to ensure that they arrive on time. If you have a tracking number for your  purchase you can track it's progress on the An Post website. Click here to find out more.

8. What does it mean if I received a 'Sorry we missed you' notice through my door?

If you are not available to accept your item at the time of delivery, the Postal Operative will leave a 'Sorry we missed you' notice with details of your local Delivery Office where you can collect your item. Alternatively you can arrange a re-delivery of your item.  

9. How can I find out where my parcel is and when I will receive it?

When posting your parcel, you would have received a tracking number in the format of two letters, followed by nine digits, and two letters at the end,for example RL 123456789 IE. You will find it printed on your receipt. You can check the status of your item using this tracking number on the www.anpost.ie website homepage. If you are having difficulties tracking your item, you can contact Customer Services on +353 1 705 7600 who may be able to help you.  

10. What are your Post Office opening hours during Christmas?

Christmas opening hours for our Post Office's are available on www.anpost.ie.  

11. I am waiting on a package from abroad. Do you know why it is delayed?

Christmas is the busiest time of year for Post Offices all around the world. However, unfortunately we cannot provide updates on delays in other countries as we do not have access to the information. 

12. What are my Social welfare payment dates for Christmas, and will it be a double/triple payment?

The week commencing December 1st will be bonus payment week in addition to Child Benefit week. There will be standard payments during the week commencing December 8th. All weekly paid Pensions/Allowances/Benefits due for payment in the week beginning 15th December 2014 will include the advance payment of weekly paid Pensions/Allowances/Benefits due for payment the week commencing 22nd December 2014. Pensions/Allowances due for payment on Thursday 1st January 2015 may be collected from Wednesday 31st December 2014.  A public notice with the payment dates will be on display at local Post Offices. 

13. Are there rules on what can and cannot be sent by post to international destinations?

For all information relating to prohibited items, please click here.


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