2017 Christmas stamp booklet

Let them know how much they mean to you this Christmas with a handwritten letter or card. Your Christmas Stamp Booklet is waiting for you at selected retailers, online and at your local Post Office.

Free delivery on all Stamp Booklet orders placed before 3pm, December 20.

For all the ones you love, and all the ones you miss, let them know.

Your Christmas stamp booklet of 26 self-adhesive stamps has one FREE stamp included which can be used for posting Christmas cards and letters up to 100 grams within Ireland. You can also use them for Britain, Europe and the rest of the world by adding the extra postage due – the basic postal rate for these destinations is €1.35. 

Remember to check the  latest dates of posting to ensure delivery in time for Christmas and be sure to include a return address on the top left-hand corner of every card and parcel you post.

There's more information about Christmas post and Children’s Letters to Santa.
Red&Grey Design created three new stamps for Christmas 2017. Red&Grey used original artwork by Liz Rackard depicting traditional Christmas scenes. Liz is a well-known and highly respected artist and illustrator with a background in textile design.

Images of a group of carol singers and a reindeer with Christmas lights on its antlers will adorn two label stamps available in any denomination – for all sizes and weights of envelope - at all post offices.

The third stamp which appears in the Christmas Stamp Booklet shows the three wise men following the Star of Bethlehem while bearing their gifts for the baby Jesus.
Don't forget, your Christmas Stamp booklet is waiting for you at selected retailers, online and at your local Post Office.


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