Top 10 Irish gifts this Christmas at Easons…

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. There is something uniquely different about being Irish at Christmas, whether it’s indulging on deliciously home-cooked food, binge-watching hilarious boxsets like Mrs. Browns Boys or starting World War 3 with your family over a board game, we’ve put together a list of top Irish gifts for this Christmas.


After the huge success of Irelandopedia last Christmas, John and Fatti Burke are back with another stunningly illustrated book about Ireland’s history – Historopedia! It’s a time travelling journey through Ireland detailing the pivotal and iconic moments throughout Ireland’s history. This breathtakingly exciting book discovers Ireland, era by era, as you’ve never seen it before.

Price: Was €24.99 now €19.99


Monopoly – Irish edition

An Irish edition of the classic Monopoly game. Known for causing family feuds around the world since 1935, now Monopoly has Irish street names so you can have those fondly-remembered fights all over again!

Price: €24.99

A Taste of home by Catherine Fullvio

What better way to be reminded of home then recreating your favourite dishes from Ireland! Catherine Fulvio's family have been living in Ballyknocken House for over 100 years and in A Taste of Home she reflects on her upbringing at Ballyknocken and all that it stands for. The book showcases the best ingredients Ireland has to offer, as well as Catherine's delicious, reliable recipes.

Price: €22.99


Bolloxology by Colm O’Regan

The must-have gift this Christmas for anyone abroad feeling homesick and missing the uniquely Irish sense of humour! Have you ever wondered why pretentiousness, jargon, bullshit and having notions above our station are so rife in the world today? Welcome to the world of Bolloxology! It's that moment when you've paid twenty euro for fish and chips just so it can be served on a piece of slate.

Price: €13.99


The story of Ireland – calendar. Exclusive to Easons

Exclusively sold at Eason, this stunning calendar is the perfect gift for everyone this Christmas, at home or living abroad. The story of Ireland calendar.

Price: €8.99

Mrs Browns Boys boxset

One-off live TV special of the Dublin-set sitcom depicting the life and times of Mrs Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll) and her unruly brood.

Price: €12.99


What do you think of that?

Kieran Donaghy has been one of the most influential, charismatic and successful Gaelic football players of the last dozen years, winning four All Ireland senior medals and three All Stars as well as being Footballer of the Year. Recently awarded Sports book of the year, this is a gift any sports fan will love!

Price: €19.99

Brain box Ireland - game

Can you name all of Ireland's counties? BrainBox Ireland is a boxed up tour of one of Europe's most beautiful countries. This is a perfect game for Christmas day for everyone to get involved and test their knowledge of Ireland! Find out who the brainbox is in your family – it might not be who you think!

Price: €12.99

Hidden Ireland

The Hidden Ireland group is a collection of fascinating historic country houses where visitors can stay. The houses are as far removed from conventional hotels as could possibly be imagined, and give guests the opportunity to stay in places off the beaten track - a glimpse of a hidden side of life in Ireland. James Fennell's photographs and Josephine Ryan's words combine to capture the essence of these beautiful houses. This beautiful book is a rare opportunity to discover some of Ireland's finest houses.

Price: €30.00

Ireland Mapedia

Discovering Ireland was never so much fun! Funky illustrations and detailed info and a host of interesting facts.

Price: €9.99


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