Getting it sorted

An Post Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedures

‘Getting it sorted – Resolving your complaints’ sets out our service commitment to you in respect of our Mails service. The brochure may be downloaded in the English and Irish languages. Detailed procedures are set out below:

Making a complaint

  • You can make a complaint about any aspect of our Mails service 
  • Any staff member will be able to direct you to the appropriate complaints channel
  • You can complain
    - by phone (Call Customer Services on 01 705 7600 Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm),
    - by mail (to An Post Customer Services, GPO, Freepost, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2),
    - by email,
    - by fax: 01 809 0900
    - or online at

    Where the complaint is made by phone and if you have all of the relevant details, our customer services representative will complete the relevant form on your behalf
  • You can complain whether you are the sender or the recipient of the item providing you have all the required detail
  • You can complain within 1 month from receipt of an item; 3 months from posting of mail within Ireland; and 6 months from date of posting of international items. If your complaint is not about mail, this should be made within 1 month from the issue causing complaint taking place. If your complaint is outside these timelines and have all relevant documentation, we will try our best to resolve your complaint if possible

What happens next?

  • Once we receive your complaint, we will acknowledge this within 3 working days with a unique enquiry number
  • We will aim to resolve your complaint within 10 working days but we promise to resolve your complaint within the following time frames: 30 days (Ireland), 40 days (most international destinations where electronic means can be used to communicate), 60 days (all other international complaints)
  • If your complaint takes longer to resolve than these time frames, we will be in touch regularly with more specific information
  • If we do not meet the maximum handling times set out, a payment of €15 may be available to you
  • If you’re not happy with the outcome of the complaint you may contact the An Post Customer Advocate for a review of your complaint. Please note that you must have exhausted these procedures before you can do so 
  • You may also wish to contact ComReg or your local Small Claims Court. Again, you should exhaust these procedures before so doing. 
  • We will keep your records for a minimum of 2 years

Payment of compensation

  • Registered Post items automatically include a certain amount of compensation if something goes wrong, and you can claim this. The compensation level depends on the value declared at the time of posting
  • An Post will pay compensation for items lost, damaged or substantially delayed in the post (7 days within Ireland; 10 days for international items). Proof of posting such as a certificate of posting, may be required to be eligible for such compensation. Generally, these payments are made in the form of complimentary stamps and cover no more than the cost of postage and directly associated costs
  • Although compensation payments for Standard Post are generally made in stamps you can ask for this to be paid by way of cheque. All other compensation payments are made by cheque.
  • Consequential loss is not covered
  • If we do not meet the maximum handling times set out, a payment of €15 may be available to you.


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