South Dublin County Council

South Dublin County Council Waste Payments

No need to worry about bin tags anymore!
Pay for your waste payments with us

How does it work?

You no longer need to buy bin tags - instead you will receive a Waste Charges card from South Dublin County Council (SDCC), which you can top up at your local Post Office

Using new computer technology SDCC Refuse trucks will identify your bin and deduct the cost of your bin collection from you Waste Charges Account. A new computer system on the SDCC Refuse Trucks identifies and records the bin and deducts the cost of the collection from your Waste Charges account.

After the 29th of January, 2010 bin tags will not be accepted by SDCC as a means of payment.

Step by step

Top up your Waste Charges card at your local Post Office and make sure your bin is collected.

  • SDCC will issue you with a Waste Charges card 
  • Bring your card to your local Post Office and pay in advance for bin collection 
  • Payment is credited to your account  
  • Put your bin out for collection as usual on your collection day.
  • If you have enough credit, the truck will lift your bin.

You can pay for your bin collection at the Post Office the day before your bin collection.  If there is not have enough credit on the day of collection the bin will not be emptied.

How much?

SDCC charges for bin collection are:

  • €4 for 140 litre bins 
  • €8 for 240 litre bins.

Paying for your bin collections at Post Offices is FREE..

If your card is lost or stolen please report it to the Environmental Services Department on 01 414 9000. It is important to keep your Waste Charges Card in a safe place as there may be a charge for a replacement.

For further information please log onto (new window)


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