PostFX Currency Card – 10 Currencies on one card

The An Post Multi-Currency FX Card is the ideal travel companion.

With 10 currencies on one card you can shop (online or in person) world wide. It is safer than cash and cheaper than a credit card so you have peace of mind without the worry of massive charges when you get home. With no need to pre-order the FX Multi-Currency Card is available at your local post office. So drop in to start enjoying commission free foreign exchange today!

Foreign Exchange Calculator

We can only change back to Euro if you purchased the Sterling or Dollars using the PostFX™ currency card.

Currency rates for 15-03-2019

Currency Sell Rate Sell Commission Buy Rate
(cards only)
Buy Commission
GBP 0.8279 0.00 0.8791 0.00
USD 1.0975 0.00 1.1653 0.00
CAD 1.4441 0.00 1.5645 0.00
AUD 1.5317 0.00 1.6593 0.00

Your local participating Post Office.

Multi Currency FAQ

What is the An Post PostFX Multi Currency Card?
The An Post PostFX Currency Card is a prepaid Mastercard that allows you to purchase and top up 10 currencies (including Euro) on a single Card.  The new Multi Currency Card is contactless as well as being chip and PIN protected.  The Card can be used at millions of Merchants and ATMs worldwide.

Why Choose a PostFX Card?

  • Contactless
  • Safer than cash – no surprises with fees
  • Exchange rates are locked into the dates of purchase, top up or when you move money between currencies
  • Free Point of Sale transactions & online transactions when you have funds available in the transaction currency
  • Chip and Pin protected
  • Manage your account online
  • Available at over 900 Post Offices Nationwide
  • Top up online
  • Swap currencies online
  • Customer services 24 /7 /365 at 1800 535 564

What are the 10 Currencies?

The 10 currencies are;

  • US Dollars – USD
  • Sterling – GBP
  • Canadian Dollars – CAD
  • Australian Dollars – AUD
  • New Zealand Dollars – NZD
  • South African Rand – ZAR
  • Swiss Francs – CHF
  • Turkish Lira – TRY
  • United Arab Emirates Dirhams – AED
  • Euro – EUR

Note: all purchases or top ups in Post Offices or online and withdrawals at Post Offices are in the Euro currency only.

What payment methods are available?
You can pay either by cash or debit card in Post Offices and by debit card online @

Will I pay Commissions?
The Card is Commission Free for foreign currency transactions.  There is a charge of 1.25% on Euro currency purchases, top ups and withdrawals at Post Offices (subject to a cap of €8.00 on withdrawals).

Where can I apply to purchase a PostFX Multi Currency Card?

Apply for a Card at over 900 Post Offices nationwide, visit An for location availability.  You can also top up the Card at



Top Up


Post Offices





What are the requirements to purchase a Card?
You need to be 18 years of age or over and resident in the Republic of Ireland.

What ID is required to purchase a Card?
You are required to provide:

  • Proof of Name: Passport or an EU Driving Licence only
  • Proof of Address: Household Bill / Bank / Building society statement, letter from Revenue Commissioners or Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection issued within the last 6 months

Can I get an additional Card?
Yes, you can get an additional Card at the time of purchase of your initial Card and use it as a backup.
Please see terms and conditions for more information.
Please note an additional card cannot be given to anyone else to use.

What is the minimum purchase / top up?
The minimum purchase or top up is €50.00.

Can I purchase multiple currencies at the same time?
Yes multiple currencies can be purchased together.

Does the Card get issued instantly?
Yes, the card is issued immediately at purchase.

Can the Card be topped up?
Yes, the card can be topped up at over 900 Post Offices nationwide or online at  Note: if a card is being topped up at a Post Office, customers must provide proof of name (Passport or a Driving Licence).  If you purchased using a Passport, you can provide your Driving Licence, to top up, or vice versa.
Note: the card holder is the only person who can top up a Card.

How does the Card work?
All purchases and top ups are made in Euro.  Where you purchase one of the ten currencies, those funds are loaded into the respective currency wallet.
It is better for you to purchase directly to individual wallets rather that swap funds on the Card between wallets.
If a Point of Sale transaction or an ATM withdrawal is made in a currency on the card that does not have sufficient funds, the funds will be transferred from wallets on the card in the following order of priority EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, AER, ZAR, CHF. A foreign exchange rate determined by Mastercard will apply.

Can I swap currencies at Post Offices?
No, you cannot swap currencies at Post Offices, but you can swap currencies online @ and go to My Account.

Where can I view my transaction history?
You can view your transaction history online @ and go to My Account.  You will need to register your card details to use this service.

Where can I change my card PIN?
You can change your card PIN at any ATM in Europe that offers a change PIN facility.

How do I retrieve my PIN?
You can get a Pin reminder by selecting the PIN Reveal option in My Account  Alternatively, you can call card services on 1800 535 564 and select the PIN option 24 /7.

Can I get a Joint Account?
No, Cards are only available in sole names.

Is the Card subject to Stamp Duty?
Yes the card is subject to Stamp Duty.  The Government of Ireland charges an annual stamp duty on prepaid card accounts.  There is a charge of up to €5.00 per year where the card is used for ATM withdrawals in the Republic of Ireland or at Merchants.  If the Card is only used from ATM withdrawals in the Republic of Ireland, the charge is €0.12 per ATM withdrawal up to a maximum of €2.50 per calendar year.

Are there inactivity fees?
Yes, there is a monthly inactivity fee of €2.50 per month charged if you have not had any top ups, transactions or withdrawals on your card after a period of 15 months.  If there is no balance on your card no fee will apply.

What happens if I lose my card or it is stolen or damaged?
 Contact Card Services 24 / 7 /365 immediately at the following numbers;
 From Ireland:   1800 535 564
From Outside Ireland:  +44 207 6499404

If you are abroad Card Services will either;

  1. Issue a Replacement Card, or 
  2. Western Union the money (up to the available balance on your Card) to the registered cardholder.
    This service is subject to availability.


What do I do if I do not recognise a transaction on my Card?
It is recommended that you check your transaction history and card balance at least once a month.  You can do this online once you have registered your card at My Account @

If you have any queries about your PostFX currency Card balance or you notice a transaction that you do not recognise, please notify Card Services at 1800 535 564 as soon as possible and in any event within thirteen months of the transaction debit date.
If there is a transaction which is not correct.  Card Services will commence the disputes process on your behalf and may require you to provide additional written information concerning any unrecognised transaction.

What happens if my PostFX currency Card is declined?
If your PostFX currency card is declined, please check the following

  • That you have enough money on the Card for the purchase you wish to make.
  • That you are using the correct PIN
  • That the merchant you are purchasing from accepts Mastercard prepaid.

Some restaurants and car hire companies may require the Card to have an available balance greater than the purchase amount before they authorise the transaction

Can I use my PostFX Card to shop online?
You can use your PostFX Currency Card to shop online (within the limits and restrictions of your card) from any merchant that accepts Mastercard Prepaid.

By using your PostFX Currency Card in the currency that the online site trades in (if it is one of the currencies on your card), you know exactly what your purchase will cost and the exchange rate used. For your safety, you may be asked to provide the security code that's printed on the signature strip on the back of the card.

PostFX Currency Card may not be used for money transfers (i.e. the sending of funds to a third party) or for accessing money transfer services, or to access or purchase goods from adult or gambling locations or internet sites and must not be used for any unlawful activity. You must comply with all laws and regulations (including any foreign exchange controls) in respect of the card in the country of purchase and/or use.

What if the cash machine asks for a six-digit PIN?
In some countries, you may be asked for a six-digit PIN, when using a cash machine.  However, PostFX Currency Card uses a standard four-digit PIN, which will still be accepted as normal if the cash machine has been set up correctly.

If you need assistance with any PIN issues, please call Card Services on 1800 535 564 or at +44 207 6499404 from outside Ireland.

Can I get cash back with my PostFX Currency Card?
No, cash back is not available on the PostFX Currency Card.


Contacting Card Services
If you have any queries, or want to let us know any comments about using your card, please email Card Services

Please note that, for security reasons, you must NOT include your full PostFX currency Card number in any written correspondence. The Card number should always be supplied by providing the first six and last four digits only, for example 1234 56xx xxxx 0123.
In the interests of security Card Services will not be able to discuss certain subjects by email.  Please call our 24 hour Card Services Team at 1800535 564 and they will be able to assist you in relation to the following:

  • Lost or stolen cards
  • Queries regarding transactions on your account or balance enquiries
  • PIN assistance
  • Guidance setting up your card account online
  • Help with forgotten username and/or passwords
  • Card and account activations

Can I swap my existing Single Currency PostFX Card for a new Multi Currency Card?
Yes, bring your existing Card along with Proof of Name (Passport or Driving Licence) and Proof of address (Household Bill or Bank/ Building Society Statement issued in the last 6 months) to any of over 900 Post Offices nationwide, complete the application forms and the Post Office will complete the swap for you. 

We will also transfer any balance from your old Card to your new one.

If I have an existing Single Currency PostFX Card can I continue to use and top up the Card?
Yes, you can continue to use and top up your existing card at Post Offices or online @, until the expiry date of the Card.

Can I register my PostFX Multi Currency Card Online?
Yes, you can register to view your Card transactions at My Account @ This service is only available to customers of the PostFX Multi Currency Card.  Customers will be able to view transactions, swap currencies and top up online. 

Note customers who hold single currency cards will also be able to top up online

Are there any enhancements to the website and online?

  • The Card registration process for the website has been simplified and is now located solely within the An Post website,
  • Multiple currencies can be purchased in a single visit
  • Further enhancements including an App are in development.

What is the lifetime of the Card?
Cards are valid for up to 5 years, the expiry date is located on the front of the Card.  You will be contacted in advance of the expiry date.

Can I cash out my Card?
Yes, your card may be cashed out at any of over 900 Post Offices nationwide.  Note proof of name will be required to withdraw amounts of €500 or more.

Is it cheaper to buy Euro and swap my currencies online?
No, the rate offered at the Post Office and for topping up currencies online will always be more advantageous to you than swapping currencies online.



Single Currency

Multi Currency


One currency per Card available in

  • US Dollars – USD
  • Sterling – GBP
  • Canadian Dollars – CAD
  • Australian Dollars – AUD

Ten Currencies on a single Card

  • US Dollars – USD
  • Sterling – GBP
  • Canadian Dollars – CAD
  • Australian Dollars – AUD
  • New Zealand Dollars – NZD
  • South African Rand – ZAR
  • Swiss Francs – CHF
  • Turkish Lira – TRY
  • United Arab Emirates Dirhams – AED
  • Euro - EUR




Minimum purchase



Transfer between currencies online



Top up online



Additional Card at purchase



Raising a Complaint
To raise a complaint, please contact Card Services by telephone, via the number below. This team will try to resolve your concerns over the phone in a timely manner.
From Ireland:   1800 535 564
From Outside Ireland:  +44 207 6499404

Alternatively, you can e-mail your complaint to or put it in writing to the following address:
Service Quality
Access House
Cygnet Road

What information do I need to provide?
To help us resolve your issues as quickly as possible when you contact Card Services, please provide as much relevant information as possible, including:

Your card number (If you write to us for security reasons please do not include your full card number. The card number should always be supplied by providing the first six and last four digits only, as follows 123456******7890.)

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Clear details of your complaint
  • What you would like Card Services to do to resolve matters.

Complaints Procedure
When a complaint is received Card Services aim to resolve your issues fairly and promptly. Where possible Card Services will endeavour to resolve your issues as soon as reasonably possible. If more time is needed to investigate your complaint, Card Services will send you an acknowledgement letter and will keep you updated on progress throughout the investigation.

If you are not satisfied with the final response you can refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service which is free to customers and provides an independent review service for unresolved complaints.

They can be contacted in the following ways:

The European Commission has established an Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR Platform). It is specifically designed to help consumers resident in the European Union (EU) who have a complaint about goods or services bought online from traders established in the EU. You can submit your complaint online through the ODR platform in any of the official languages of the EU. The ODR platform can then submit your complaint to the UK Financial Ombudsman Service to facilitate resolution of your complaint.
You can access the ODR platform by clicking on the following link:
You may use the ODR service if you are an EU resident and have a complaint about a product or service purchased from us online. As the ODR platform will ultimately re-direct your complaint to the UK Financial Ombudsman Service, you may prefer to contact us or the Financial Ombudsman Service directly in the first instance.

Terms and conditions


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