Choose Sterling and US Dollars in cash

Commission free Sterling and US Dollars in cash.

An Post offers 0% Commission on US Dollars and Sterling in cash.

No need to pre order or pre pay, just pop into the Post Office and pick up your cash before you travel. Visit your local participating Post Office to pick up your US Dollars or Sterling.

Did you know you can also have your currency put on a PostFX™ Currency Card?

Foreign Exchange Calculator

We can only change back to Euro if you purchased the Sterling or Dollars using the PostFX™ currency card.

Currency rates for 15-02-2019

Currency Sell Rate Sell Commission Buy Rate
(cards only)
Buy Commission
GBP 0.8539 0.00 0.9067 0.00
USD 1.0930 0.00 1.1606 0.00
CAD 1.4399 0.00 1.5599 0.00
AUD 1.5263 0.00 1.6535 0.00

Sterling and US Dollars Cash FAQ's

  1. What Foreign currencies can I buy from An Post?
    An Post sell Sterling and US Dollars.
  2. How can I pay for my Sterling or US Dollars?
    An Post accepts cash or debit card. Credit card, cheques or bank drafts are not accepted.
  3. Do I need to pre-order?
    It is not necessary to pre-order Sterling or Dollars when purchasing at the Post Office.
  4. Are there any limits to the amount I can buy?
    There is a maximum limit of €6,000 in a single transaction.
  5. Is there a minimum purchase amount?
    Yes. There is a minimum purchase amount of £20Stg or $20USD.
  6. What denominations of currency are available?
    Notes are sold in denominations of 20 and 50, in both Sterling and Dollars.
  7. Does An Post charge commission?
    No. This service is currently commission free to customers.
  8. Is ID required?
    Proof on name (Drivers Licence or Passport) and address (a utility bill or bank/building society statement dated within the past 6 months) is required for transactions with a value of €1,000 or more and maybe requested for lower value transactions. 
  9. Will An Post buy back any un-used Sterling or Dollars from me?
    No, An Post sell Sterling and Dollars only.
  10. Can I buy Sterling and Dollars in all Post Offices?
    Not all Post Offices offer this service; it is available in selected offices only.
  11. Why are your rates different to those I found when searching on the web?
    The rate of exchange on news sites and in search results is generally the wholesale rate of exchange. These rates of exchange are not available to the general public. Our rates of exchange for Dollars and Sterling are retail rates and are comparable to other high street currency retailers.


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