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State Savings is the brand name used by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) to describe the range of savings products offered by the NTMA to personal savers. These products are offered by An Post acting as an agent of the NTMA.

How much?

An Post does not retain any State Savings monies, all such monies are under the management of the NTMA. Below you will find summary information on the various products. This and further information is available on (new window).

State Savings products overview

Investments Description
National Solidarity Bond (10 Year) 16% tax free over 10 years, AER 1.50%
National Solidarity Bond (4 Year)
2% tax free over 4 years, AER 0.50%
Savings Certificates Interest 5% after 5 years, AER 0.98% tax free.
Savings Bonds Interest 1% after 3 years, AER 0.33%, tax free.
Instalment Savings Save for 1 year leave for five years, Interest 5.5% , AER 0.98%, tax free.
Childcare Plus Save for 1 year leave for five years, Interest 5.5% , AER 0.98%, tax free.
Prize Bonds Thousands of weekly prizes and one prize of €1 Million every 6 months, tax free.

Savings Description
Statement based Deposit Account Interest 0.15% p.a. variable, subject to DIRT.
Post Office Savings Bank Deposit Account Interest 0.15% p.a. variable, on Demand Deposit Account with a passbook, subject to DIRT.
Pension Save Account Interest rate of 0.15% p.a., subject to DIRT. A convenient account to save your pension payments.
ChildCare Save Account Interest rate of 0.15% p.a., subject to DIRT. A convenient account to save your Child Benefit payments.

Interest rates
Interest Rates for State Savings Products (new window)

Repayment forms

 Savings Bonds and Savings Certificates repayment form (new window)
National Solidarity Bond and Instalment Savings repayment form (new window)

State Savings products

National Solidarity Bond

Are you saving for the future or want to invest a lump sum, the National Solidarity Bond could be right for you. There are 4 and 10 year options available find out more.

Deposit Accounts

Need somewhere to put your savings? Try a Post Office Savings Bank Deposit Account. There are no fees, charges, or commission and we have more branches and longer opening hours than ordinary banks. We have two types of Deposit Account, a book based account and a statement based account.
Instalment Savings Agreements

Want a tax-free savings account that offers a guaranteed return on your regular savings? Try our Instalment Savings Scheme.

Instalment Savings Brochure (new window)
Instalment Savings Application Form (new window)
Instalment Savings Terms and Conditions (new window)
Repayment form for Instalment Savings (new window)

Pension Save account

Pension Save is a convenient account to transfer your payments, giving you a simple way to save and access your money.

Please contact the Department of Social Protection for a Pension Save account application form.

Childcare Save account

Need an easy way to save for your child's growing needs? Childcare Save is a convenient short-term savings account.

Childcare Plus

Need a convenient way to save for your child’s future? Childcare Plus is a long-term savings account that pays a high rate of tax-free interest. You can use it to save for your child’s education or other expensive times.

Savings Certificates

Want a place to invest your lump sum? Savings Certificates offer you a 5% tax-free return after a period of five years.

Savings Certificates Application Form (new window)
Savings Certificates (Issue Twenty Two) Rules (new window)
Repayment form for Savings Certificates (new window)

Saving Bonds

Need a secure way to invest your money? Savings Bonds offer you a 1% tax-free, return after a period of three years.

 Savings Bond Application Form (new window)
Savings Bonds prospectus (new window)
Repayment form for Savings Bonds (new window)

Prize Bonds

Want a different form of investment? Rather than paying interest, Prize Bonds offers customers the chance to win prizes each week. All cash prizes are tax-free in Ireland, and Prize Bonds can be cashed in at any time after the minimum holding period of three months.

Prize Bonds application form
Direct Debit form for Prize Bonds
Prize Bonds repayment form
Prize Bonds brochure

Dormant Account
Dormant Account Notice (new window)
For further information see our Dormant account FAQs

For further details on any of the services contact us at callsave 1850 30 50 60 or email us at More information is also available at (new window).


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