Mails Quality of Service

Mails quality of service performance

National Performance

An Post has a target of 94% for next day delivery (‘J+1’) and a 99.5% target for delivery within three working days (‘J+3’) for standard domestic stamped and metered mail. The following is the most up to date performance reported by ComReg (as measured by Ipsos MRBI).

Annual performance

Period J + 1 J + 3
2017 90% 99%

The above information is provided in compliance with ComReg Document 15/126 and Decision Notice D07/15

International Performance

An Post has a target of 93% for next day delivery (‘J+1’) of European letter mail from arrival in Ireland and a target of 88% for next day arrival at destination European country from posting in Ireland. The following is the most up to date performance for An Post, as measured by Research International for International Post Corporation (IPC), Brussels.

2017 International Mails Performance Target Actual
Inbound International* 93% 93.5%
Outbound International† 89% 87.7%
* from arrival in Ireland to delivery
† from posting in Ireland to arrival at destination country