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Make sure your mail moves with your office.

Are you moving premises? Need to make sure your mail reaches your new address? An Post’s redirection service will forward your mail wherever you need, for up to a year, in Ireland or abroad.


How does it work?

Simply download the application form or pick one up at your local Post Office. Fill it out and return it with the appropriate payment to us at least five days before you want the service to commence. We’ll take care of the rest.

Step by step

  • Fill out the application form in full
  • Make sure you include all abbreviations relating to your business name
  • Two signatures are required except in the case of a sole trader - see Terms and Conditions

Send in your application form to:

An Post
Redirection Unit
Ground Floor
O'Connell Street Lower
Dublin 1
D01 F5P2

How much?

 Duration Addresses in Ireland
including Northern Ireland
(fee per company name)
Addresses Abroad
(fee per company name)
Up to 1 Month €70.00 €95.00
 Up to 3 Months €175.00 €240.00
 Up to 6 Months €250.00 €345.00
 Up to 12 Months €350.00 €470.00

For more information

If you have a query please visit Customer Services online, or email or call us on 01 705 7600.

Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to An Post’s Business Redirection Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).
In these Terms and Conditions “You” and “Your” refer to the applicant(s) for the Service and “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to An Post, having its registered office at GPO, O’Connell Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2.

  1. The Service is only available for the redirection of business post to which You are entitled. You confirm that the new address stated on this application is Your true and correct address. 
    1. Where the customer is a limited company this form must be signed by the company secretary and at least one other director of the company. 
    2. Where the customer is a partnership or association the signature of each partner or associate is required (if a separate sheet is necessary for this purpose it must be appended to this document and contain the partners’ or associates signatures below the following statement: ‘We have read and agree to the attached terms and conditions of the An Post’s Business Redirection Service. 
    3. Where the applicant is a sole trader the application must be signed by the sole trader. 
    4. Where the applicant is a form of business or organisation other than those stated above, or is an unincorporated association or an educational or healthcare institution, We will require suitable documentary proof of the applicant’s entitlement and authority to redirect the mail. 
  2. The name of the company or firm must be exhibited in a permanent and prominent place at the new address before We can redirect post to the new address.
  3. We will require at least five working days’ notice to put the Service in place. 
  4. There is a delay of at least one working day in delivery of redirected post. 
  5. A new address label is applied to each redirected item or pouch. If the item cannot be delivered it may be returned to the sender complete with the new address label. 
  6. Except in the case of temporary redirection, when the Service expires all post addressed to Your old address may be delivered as addressed or may be returned to sender, in accordance with our operational procedures. 
  7. If You wish to cancel the Service You must do so in writing. We will not refund the fee if You cancel the Service after its commencement. 
  8. If post is addressed to more than one addressee and only one of the addressees has requested the Service We will deliver the post as addressed and We will not redirect it unless both parties agree in writing that one of them or a third party will receive it. 
  9. Items sent using the An Post Parcel Service (including Courier Post) will not be redirected. 
  10. The Service is not available for the redirection of:
    • residential post;
    • post from a delivery point shared with other companies where redirection would be unworkable or impractical;
    • post addressed to a PO Box. 
  11. An Post will redirect post for a company which has ceased trading only when the redirection form is accompanied by a letter from the company’s solicitor or accountant stating that: 
    1. the company has ceased trading; 
    2. the applicants have full authority to receive the company’s post; 
    3. the solicitor or accountant has full authority to make the representation; 
    4. the new address is the true and correct address of the applicant; 
    5. the Company Secretary and all of the Company’s Directors agree to the redirection. 
  12. An Post will redirect post for a company in liquidation only when the redirection form is accompanied by a copy of a Notice of Appointment of Liquidator. 
  13. An Post will redirect post for a company in receivership only when the redirection form is accompanied by a copy of the Deed of Appointment or a letter from the receiver’s solicitor confirming that the receiver has the authority to receive the redirected post. 
  14. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue the Service at our absolute discretion, including, but not limited to, where the Service is unworkable. In this event An Post will refund the fee paid for the Service but will have no further liability. 
  15. Your Indemnity: In consideration of Us providing the Service You will indemnify Us and keep Us fully and effectively indemnified on demand from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, costs, charges, expenses, liabilities, demands, proceedings and actions which We may sustain or incur, or which may be brought or established against Us by any person, which in any case arise out of or in relation to or by reason of Your use of the Service. 
  16. This agreement is governed by the laws of Ireland and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts. 
  17. Limitation on Liability: Our liability for any direct loss or damage arising from this contract is limited to the fee paid for the Service. We will not be liable, in any event, for any consequential or indirect loss or damage including, without limitation, loss of income, profits, interest, utility or loss of market, however arising in respect of the Service.

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