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Priority Parcel International

With Priority Parcel International we'll make your parcel our priority. With internet tracking, proof of delivery, recipient signature and inclusive transit liability, we're with you every step of the way.

* Service availability is dependent on destination country

Important information for sending mail abroad

How does it work?

Priority Parcel International offers reliable parcel delivery times to the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.

Priority Parcel International labels are available from your Account Manager or contact the Business Desk on 01 705 7600

Attach the label to the front of your item and apply the appropriate postage. 

You can track your items progress or confirm its delivery online* or by contacting Customer Services on 01 705 7600. Inclusive transit liability up to €150 or the value of the contents, whichever is the lower subject to adequate packaging.

  • Track your item online in certain countries*
  • Proof of delivery
  • Recipient signature available online*
  • Transit liability included up to €150 (Compensation payable based on the declared value of item at time of posting)

* Service availability dependent on destination country.

This service is not available at your local Post Office. To avail of this service please contact your Account Manager or the Business Desk on 01 705 7600.

Step by Step 

    Pick up a Priority Parcel International label, pay the appropriate postage and attach the label to the front of your item beside the address. You can send parcels weighing up to a maxmium of 20kg to all international destinations. A Customs and Excise declaration form CP72 must be completed in full for all international parcels

After you post

  • Keep your receipt - it's your proof of postage.
  • Track your item online using the unique number on the receipt.
  • The signature will be available online for up to a month after delivery. 
  • If you require evidence of whom the item was sent to, please ask for a Certificate of Posting at the time of posting. 
  • Terms and conditions apply.


How much?

Priority Parcel International offers account customers a reliable international parcel delivery service to destinations worldwide including Great Britain, USA, France, Germany, and Australia.

Please contact your account manger today to get the best price available.

General Service Information

  1. Delivery times for Priority Parcel International are estimated only and not guaranteed. 
  2. Delivery times as quoted are in working days. Working days are Monday to Friday and exclude Staturdays, Sundays, Bank or Public Holidays..
  3. You can send parcels weighing up to a maximum of 20kgs internationally. The maximum parcel dimensions are Length: 1.5 meters,  length + girth 3 meters [Girth = 2 x (depth + width)].
  4. All Priority Parcel International items must have a completed Customs and Excise form CP72.

Important information for sending mail abroad

Due to a tightening of airline security  it is no longer possible to accept ink or toner cartridges.

A full list of prohibited items is available here.

  1. Transit liability on Priority Parcel International items provides compensation against loss or damage in transit to a maximum value of the contents or €150, whichever is the lower and is subject to adequate packaging.
  2. Consequential loss: no compensation is paid, however it arises.


Standard terms and conditions apply.