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The mobile phone network from An Post

Postmobile, keeping things simple. Offering you great value prepay mobile plans, designed with you in mind. Whether you prefer call, texts or data we’ve the plan for you.

Postmobile – 7 things you need to know

Is your mobile costing you too much? Tired of poor signal? Totally confused by what’s best for you? It’s time you switched to Postmobile.

Here’s 7 things you really need to know.

1. Great phone deals for switchers

We love switchers, so much so you can get up to €30 off phones when you switch your existing mobile number over to Postmobile.

2. Incredible plan offers and total rollover!!!

With Total Rollover you keep your unused calls, texts and data for another month once you top up every 30 days. Full details on

Check out our most popular month plan, our All IN plan , giving you  7 GB data, 250 any network minutes and 250 any network texts for only €20 per month.

3. Great choice of phones

Choose from a wide range of phones, there’s one to suit all pockets, including the Alcatel 3 V, exclusive to Postmobile, and the Huawei Y6i 2017. Check them all out at your local Postmobile Post Office or on

4. Keep it simple

Saving you money with straight forward monthly calls, texts and data allowances, prepay made simple.

Get free Postmobile to Postmobile calls and texts when you top up by €20 a month and choose one of the following plans:

  • All in plan 7GB data, 250 minutes and 250 texts 
  • Talk & Text Plan, unlimited talk and texts 
  • Free Data Plan, 10GB data and keep €20 credit.

And that’s it. Simple.

5. The best network coverage

Postmobile operates on the Vodafone network, which delivers the best voice and data coverage and data speeds in Ireland. Fact.

6. Quick and easy top up

Naturally, you can top up at your local Post Office, and any PostPoint or Payzone outlet nationwide, or online at

7. Joining is simple, it takes just 5 minutes

Join the Postmobile network in 5 minutes at your local Post Office or buy a plan on and we’ll get in contact to set you up.

For further information about Postmobile and details on our latest offers visit