International Business Response Service

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Need an easy way to get your customers to respond to you? International Business Response Service (IBRS) is a convenient way for international customers to reply to you with pre-paid cards and envelopes, at no cost to them. International Business Response Services fees from 4 April 2018

Annual licence fee of €165.00 plus deposit. the licence fee operates until the end of the calendar year.
The deposit will relate to anticipated volumes, subject to a minimum deposit of €82.50

The following table allows you to see how much the licence fee is depending on the month you open the account.

 Month Licence Fees
January €165.00
February €151.25
March €137.50
April                         €123.75
May €110.00
June €96.25
July €82.50
August €68.75
September €55.00
October €41.25
November €27.50
December €13.75

 Weight Not Over Letter / Postcard  Large
100g  €1.50 €2.80 €5.00
250g    €4.70 €6.00
500g €6.00 €7.00
1kg €10.00
1.5kg      €13.00
2kg      €13.00
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