An Post—the Irish Post Office

An Post is the Irish Post Office, the State company responsible for postal, financial and other services throughout the State. Long before telephones, email and social networking, the letter was the only way people could communicate with each other over distance. The post helped families to keep in touch, merchants and traders to carry out their business and Government to communicate with its representatives throughout the country.

From its beginnings in the later sixteenth and early seventeenth century, the Irish Post Office has grown and adapted to the needs of the times. Telegraph, banking and telephone services were gradually added to mail services. Now in post offices throughout the country, Irish people can send letters, collect their pensions, pay bills and renew their television licence.

These pages describe how the Post Office has evolved over the years, highlight the role of the GPO and its staff during the 1916 Rising and demonstrate the  important contribution it has made—and still makes—to the daily lives of Irish people throughout the land.