Education Awards 2008


Schools get text tales challenge

Now that teachers and pupils are back to school for the New Year, the challenges for the 2008 An Post Education Awards is discovering storytelling secrets and getting lost in text translation.

The 2008 Education Awards use the art of story telling and the English language to reach school goers at both primary and secondary level as part of this year’s literacy linked theme. Students and teachers are encouraged to get involved and enjoy the challenge. The Education Awards is an annual competition for primary and secondary schools run by An Post, it has been a popular schools activity for more than 20 years.

The competitions are fun and practical as they broadly relate to the curriculum and participating classes have the chance to win great prizes for students, teachers, principals and schools. With thousands of euros to be won, it is worthwhile entering.

The closing date for entries to both the What’s the Story? and the Lst N Trnsl8n (Lost In Translation) competitions is Friday, January 25th. Winners will be announced during April with an awards ceremony and prize giving to follow.

The What’s the Story? Challenge is the primary school competition asking students to create and write a story together as a class activity. What’s the Story? is a creative approach to raising primary school goers’ awareness of the English language and allows each child to participate, whatever their ability.

The Lst N Trnsl8n Competition is the secondary school competition asking students to give their thumbs a rest and to translate short passages of text lingo back into English, either as individuals or as a class activity.

A growing focus in the media and an increased awareness among teachers and parents indicates the significant threat which text language poses to the standard of English in exam situations. Lst N Trnsl8n takes a light approach to raising secondary school goers’ awareness of English language use in different contexts.

An Post is also partnering with NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency) as part of a broader literacy support programme with a series of broadcast adverts running in early January – Take the First Step call 1800 20 20 65.

For further information contact Aileen Mooney, An Post: 01-705 7447 or 087-9975819 or visit