Barrier free tolling at your local Post Office

The barriers are down on Dublin's M50 motorway. is the perfect solution for all your tolling needs. is the only off the rack, pay as you toll, tag available to use in Ireland. This solution is provided by PostPoint, a subsidiary of Postbank.


How does it work?

Simply purchase your tag (your in-car device) at selected PostPoint outlets. is the only "pay as you toll" tag in Ireland, with there is no need to register your personal details and no need for a direct debit.

Top up your tag at your local Post Offices and "pay as you toll".

Unlike other tag providers the minimum top-up is only €10, with €20 and €40 top-ups also available.

You can also use 

  • on all toll plazas nationwide
  • the Limerick city parking pay by phone area
    ( provides automatic subscription to this service)
  • CIE train stations
  • Pre-reserve parking in Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports.
  • A growing number of car parks managed by Euro car parks   

 Step by Step

Simply buy your tag at selected retail outlets where you see the PostPoint sign.

You can then top-up your tag at any one of 1,000 Post Offices or 3,000 retail outlets with the PostPoint sign.

How much?

There is no monthly management fee you simply pay the toll fee and a 20 cent charge when you pass through toll. 

You can top up by €10, €20 or €40.

What next?

Put your tag on your windscreen, keep your tag topped up at your local Post Office and drive safely.