AddressPal allows you to create a UK and USA delivery address for your online shopping. Then simply collect your items at your nominated Post Office, or avail of tracked delivery direct to your door.

AddressPal UK - Tracked Home Delivery AddressPal USA Tracked Home Delivery AddressPal (UK only) - Post Office, or collection point Collection
Weight Price Weight Price Weight Price
0-2KG €6.49 0-2KG €15.99 0-20KG €3.95
2-5KG €7.49 2-5KG €20.99 Oversize €25.00
5-10KG €9.49 5-10KG €29.99
10-15KG €10.49 10-15KG €41.99
15-20KG €13.49 15-20KG €53.99
AddressPal (UK only) - Post Office, or collection point, Collection
Accepted forms of payment include:
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card

Pay at your local Post Office, or collection point, when you go to collect your items.

AddressPal UK and USA Tracked Home Delivery
You will receive an email from us when your item has been processed in our hub. This email will have your tracking number so you can track your item online at At this time payment will be taken from your registered card.

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