An Post and the Environment

Respect for the environment is very important to all of us. Nobody likes seeing litter lying on the ground or in the sea. It’s up to all of us to do our bit and make sure that Ireland stays clean and green. At An Post, we do lots of things to make sure that we help the earth stay clean for everyone’s enjoyment, for many years to come.

At An Post, lots of our postpeople cycle their bikes to work and that’s really great for the environment.

In our mails centres and delivery offices, we have recycling bins everywhere so that all plastic and paper is recycled and not thrown out with other rubbish.

We also have light and door sensors in our bigger buildings to make the most of light and heat. The lights are motion sensored or respond to the amount of natural light available - so they will only turn on when needed.

These are just some of things we do to help the environment stay clean. But there are lots of other things that can be done too - can you and your class think of any?


An Post truck driver, cleaner and office worker talking about how they help the environment – what do you do?

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Did you know that glass and plastic can be recycled again and again? So keep recycling your glass bottles and plastic and  you really will be protecting the environment!