The Collection Team

So you’ve put your mail into the post box, now what? It has to be collected by the postman. But just how does he open that post box and where does it go from there? Read on and you will find out.

Collecting Your Mail

Every day all around the country, the post is collected not only from post boxes but also from the airport, where letters from abroad arrive on airplanes.

The mail is taken out in big cages, which keep letters and parcels safe and the postman puts the mail into An Post vans. Have you ever seen one? They’re just like this!

Craig – The Post Collector

Hello!  My name is Craig.  In the mornings, I deliver mail to businesses across the city and in the afternoons and evenings I collect mail from companies, post boxes and Post Offices in my An Post van. Latest times for posting vary in different parts of the city and suburbs but mostly it’s around 5pm. 

I have a special key to open each post box. I use my scanner to scan the code on the inside of each post box to confirm the collection time. I load up my An Post van and drive to the next collection point.

Then I bring all the mail to the Dublin Mails Centre where it will be sorted into batches for delivery to every part of the country and the world! 

Be sure to give me a wave next time you see me around your area!  You’ll know me by my cool uniform and my An Post cap!

Counties and Countries


Geography is very important at An Post