The Delivery Team

The post has been collected, brought to the mail centre and sorted. All that’s left to do is deliver it! Read on to find out how they deliver the mail all across the country and even across the sea.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

When all the mail has been sorted into batches for each area, it’s packed into trays and cages and sent by trucks to delivery offices all over Ireland. Mail going to other countries heads off to the airport to make its way around the world!

The delivery office is where the local postperson goes to pick up the post. Most Postmen and Postwomen use vans, cars and bicycles or go on foot to deliver mail along their route - rain, hail or shine – it all depends on where they are working.

Peter the Postman

Hello! My name’s Peter and I collect the post from the local delivery office and deliver it to houses all over the town. I start my work day very early - at 6am in the morning - long before you are up for school I’m sure. I use a bike to deliver the post. It’s black with a basket on the front where I put my mailbag. It’s just like this one here

I love cycling - it’s great fun especially when it’s sunny. It’s also very handy when I need to get away quickly from big, cross dogs!

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

A long, long time ago in Belgium, they used cats to deliver the post! It didn’t work very well because the cats were very bold and couldn’t be trained. What a cat-astrophe!



Test your memory

Can you remember the journey of the letter? Write down as much as you can about where a letter goes from the moment it slips into the post  box to when it arrives in your letterbox. And if you get stuck at all, just ask your teacher.